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Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Meals and Television



Family Meals and Television

August 31, 2009

It's late summer and school is back in session for most children around the country. New classes, new teacher and friends are just a few of the topics you can talk to your children about. This time of year also brings with it season premiers of favorite TV shows plus an exciting new line up of programming. It's so easy to combine TV with mealtimes but our children may be paying a price for this habit.

Dianne Neumark Sztainer, PhD, along with Project EAT, at the University of Michigan studied the effects on children of television watching during meals. She suggests, "The television may be influencing the types of foods that adolescents choose to eat because of the advertisements they see." She found that boys who watched TV during family meals drank more soda and ate less vegetables and grains while girls had significantly less dark vegetables and more fried foods.

There is evidence that families who eat together with or without the TV, enjoy more balanced nutrition than those in which family members eat separately.

Dr. Neumark Sztainer sums it up, "Our message to parents is: whenever possible, eat family meals and try to keep television viewing to a minimum.

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Accumulate Miles Not Pounds

  Accumulate Miles Not Pounds

How to Keep Your Memory and Avoid Dementia

  How to Keep Your Memory and Avoid Dementia

Gender Based Eating Habits

  Gender Based Eating Habits




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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Shocking 21st Century Plague


Dear Total Health Breakthroughs Reader,

Do you feel like crap? Are you tired all the time?

Well get ready for a big change!

Read on to discover a secret that will give you an endless reservoir of energy. This could really change your life. You'll learn...

* The 5 best natural antidotes to stress…

* How to make the blues a thing of the past…

* A super simple 4 step program to have all the energy you ever wanted and more!

Keep reading and re-energize your body and mind once and for all ….


Melanie Segala
Managing Editor
Total Health Breakthroughs

The 21st Century Plague
That's Making You Feel Like Crap

If you’ve ever dragged yourself into a doctor’s office and exclaimed, “Doc I feel like crap, I’m tired all the time,” you’re not alone.

Dear Dog-Tired and Disheartened, 

According to a recent study of the U.S. workforce, exhaustion brings 38 percent of us to our knees at any one time.  And I know first hand how that feels, because I was one of them.

The sheer size of this epidemic means it’s estimated doctors log “fatigue” a staggering seven million times a year. And it’s one of the single biggest symptoms reported across the nation. 

But what is worse is that your doctor probably can’t help you!

Here’s what I discovered during my own treatment. A mainstream doctor only checks to see if fatigue is a symptom of an actual disease--which according to The Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, “only a small percentage” of cases are.  Beyond that, he can’t help you!

So mainstream medicine is letting you, me, and all of America down when it comes to tiredness…

It offers no antidote for crashing on the couch each evening, in a brain fuddled haze… gives no answer as to why you haul yourself through every day like a dead man walking… and has no solution to stop you from becoming a bystander of life, with your dreams draining away.

That’s how it was for me before I met James LaValle. Click here and learn about my amazing transformation...



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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've Put My Life at Risk

Dear Total Health Breakthroughs Reader:

I couldn't be happier to tell you about a new service you'll receive every Saturday absolutely free as a supplement to your subscription to Total Health Breakthroughs.

It's called The Michael Masterson Journal, and as the name suggests, it is written by our founder Michael Masterson. And you will soon see it will be a highly valuable addition to what you already receive from Total Health Breakthroughs.  

Michael happens to be my mentor at THB.  Not only is he one of the best writers in the business, he has a wealth of knowledge about natural ways to improve your health.  From his low-carb meals and nutritional supplement regimen, to his high-intensity workouts, Michael lives the healthy lifestyle you read about in THB.

In each issue of the Journal, Michael will share his healthy living secrets with you.   Plus he'll teach you how to increase your income, invest more safely, start your own business, and even earn points with your boss and significant other.

Best of all, I promise that you'll be entertained with terrific writing, irreverent commentary, and great advice to on how to improve your life now

Look for The Michael Masterson Journal every Saturday in your e-mail box.  You'll be glad you did.

To Your Good Health,

Melanie Segala
Managing Editor
Total Health Breakthroughs

MM Journal

Saturday - August 29, 2009

In an effort to prolong the lives (and, thus, the buying power) of my faithful readers, I'm trying out an experimental substance.

I am one of the first human beings taking it. I would be lying if I didn't admit I was hesitant to take part in the experiment. What swayed me was that my personal health mentor, Dr. Al Sears, is taking part himself. If he thinks it's safe, I reasoned, it must be okay.

My journey into the health unknown started six months ago. At the Ritz-Carlton in midtown Manhattan, Dr. Sears and I met with a group of doctors and scientists who have been working on this highly secretive project for several years.

The story of how this miracle substance was discovered could be the subject of a suspense thriller. I'll tell you more as we go along. For today, I just want to let you know that I got back my first test results. And in every category -- pulmonary, vascular, and neurological -- I am a biologically younger man than I was before!

My blood work was also great. My homocysteine, cholesterol, and other key indicators of heart health were the best they've been in 10 years. That goes for my triglycerides, testosterone, and progesterone levels too.

But the most important result has to do with my DNA: My telomeres are getting longer instead of shorter. This indicates a reversal of cellular aging. It is theoretically impossible. But it's happening!

I don't want to say much more than that right now. I will feed you information as I get it and after it's been cleared by the people involved. (They are, understandably, adamant about keeping a lid on it until enough hard data has been tallied.)

But judging from the batch of test results on my desk right now, I'm very excited and looking forward to future results.

Next time you wake up with a crushing hangover, don't reach for aspirin. Eat asparagus!

That comes from a study in the Journal of Food Science. The researchers showed that extracts from asparagus alleviated hangover. They also protected liver cells from the toxic assault of alcohol.
In fact, the asparagus reduced damage to cells by a whopping 70 percent. It also helped two key enzymes metabolize alcohol twice as fast.

"To get the best from asparagus," THB Editor Melanie Segala tells me, "you should eat the stalks and leaves."

I've got asparagus in my refrigerator right now. And a friend's party coming up this weekend. Hmmm ...

Janet Osmond, a longtime Early to Rise subscriber, is eager to start her own business.

She knows it is going to be an Internet business, but she doesn't know what kind of products she should sell. She wrote to ask me how I come up with the "inspirations" for my businesses.

I don't know exactly. They just pop into my head. But the reason they pop into my head is not because I'm a business genius. It's because I am talking, reading, and thinking about business all the time.

For someone who isn't starting businesses all the time, the process has to be more methodical. Here is what I suggest:

1. Take an honest appraisal of your assets. Do you have money to invest? If so, how much? It's possible to start an Internet business with as little as $1,000. But most of the time your initial investment will be $10,000 or more.

2. Assess your knowledge-based assets too. Do you understand how Internet businesses work? Are you a master marketer? If not, you have to acquire a certain level of knowledge before you begin. When you start a new business with money and no knowledge, you quickly exchange that money for knowledge. But then you're broke. That doesn't work.

3. Look at your emotional assets. Do you have the resolve to work 12-16 hours a day when the business takes off? Can you summon up the courage to sell your ideas to everyone you meet? If you are lacking drive, don't worry too much. If the business starts making money, you'll be motivated. But if you can't bring yourself to sell your products, you will almost certainly fail. You can learn how to sell by learning copywriting. You can also look into a new product Paul Lawrence is developing. He is calling it something like "How To Sell If You Can't Sell." When it is ready -- in about a month -- he'll be advertising it in ETR.

4. Once your assets are assembled, it's time to figure out what you want to sell. If you know a lot about some particular industry -- golf, gardening, pet grooming, etc. -- give that priority. You are much more likely to succeed if you approach your business as an insider -- even if your inside knowledge is based on being a consumer rather than a seller.

5. Narrow your selection by doing research. Read trade publications and the popular press. Do keyword research related to your niche. Look closely at competitors. (If there's no competition, that probably means your idea isn't saleable.) You should also do simple Google searches to see if your idea has an online presence.

6. If you establish that there is a market for your product, start testing on a small scale. Consider developing an e-book on your niche. Put up some pay-per-click ads. Start spreading the word on social media sites.

7. Pay particular attention to the offer: how much you charge for your products, what bonuses you give (if any), and your guarantee and refund policy.

8. Then develop at least two really good sales pieces and test them. Test copy. Test offers. Test media. Keep testing till you discover your optimal selling strategy (OSS).

9. Once you have that, "roll out" your business by reinvesting the lion's share of your profits into marketing.

This is by no means a complete answer to Janet's question. To find out more -- in fact, to get a complete instruction manual on entrepreneurship -- consider coming to this year's Bootcamp in November.

We've told you before in Early to Rise that anti-bacterial soap is not necessary. Regular soap, when used properly, kills bacteria just fine. (You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and get between those fingers.)

Now new research from the University of California, Davis, has found that the primary chemicals in anti-bacterial soap -- triclosan and triclocarban -- could damage sex hormones and the nervous system in humans. Past studies have shown that exposure to these chemicals disrupts growth and development in rats and frogs.

In the United States, 76 percent of liquid soaps and 26 percent of bar soaps contain triclosan, according to a 2001 study in the American Journal of Infection Control. And three-quarters of people tested in the U.S. have triclosan in their urine, according to a 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The doctors at Total Health Breakthroughs say that more research must be done before we can be sure of how serious the health risk is. Meanwhile, they suggest that you stop using anti-bacterial soaps.

The most efficient way to learn any worthwhile skill is by imitation. Aristotle, perhaps the greatest of all thinkers, called this process mimesis. Here is what he said about it in Poetics:

"Imitation is natural to man from childhood, one of his advantages over the lower animals being this, that he is the most imitative creature in the world, and learns at first by imitation. And it is also natural for all to delight in works of imitation."

A colleague of mine began his essay-writing career by reading lots of H.L. Mencken, arguably the most important prose stylist of the 20th century. His early attempts to imitate Mencken were a bit obvious and awkward. But the more he did it the better he got. Eventually, he developed his own version of the craft and became a bestselling, prize-winning author. And he did it in less than three years. You can do the same.

A good first step in mimesis is verbatim copycatting. That's how people were taught to write for centuries.

Did you ever wonder how your grandmother -- with just a high school education -- was able to write such beautiful, thoughtful letters? It's because copying the great writers of her day, by hand, was part of her regular schoolwork.

We no longer employ mimesis in teaching writing. It went out of style in the late 1960s. That's when the idea of letting children "express themselves" swept through the American education system.

As a result, my generation became both semi-literate and ignorant of many great works of literature. This is a tragedy that has worsened over time. But it can be changed, by you, simply by bringing mimesis into your life.

When we created AWAI in 1997, one of the core principles we used to teach non-writers how to become master copywriters was to have them read and copy the works of the great copywriters of the day. In AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, I said:

"Rote exercises are more than just memorization. They teach you on a deeper level. You create motor pathways in your brain. Through the exercises you'll be doing in this program, your ear will develop a sense of what good copy sounds like. Your mind will instinctively know when copy is powerful and when it's weak. You'll be able to carry these senses over to your own work."

This method has proved to be very effective. Almost every month, AWAI hears from a former student who has achieved master copywriting status.

The list of master copywriters who used mimesis to further their careers includes Clayton Makepeace ... John Forde ... John Carlton ... Bob Bly ... Paul Hollingshead ... and Don Mahoney. In fact, I imagine there are very few top copywriters who have not relied heavily on imitation to learn their craft.

None of the people I listed above were "born writers." They learned how to write winning sales copy -- as just about anyone can.

Even if you don't think you can write, all you need are the right mentors to guide you. You'll find them in the best course available today: AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

The Food and Drug Administration now requires manufacturers to list the amount of trans-fats in food products. Sounds good until you find out that the FDA lets them include up to half a gram of trans-fats per serving and still claim zero grams on the label.

What a crock! A package of crackers, for example, could contain 20 servings. At half a gram of trans-fats per serving, that's 10 grams in the entire package. And keep in mind that The Institute of Medicine has said there is "no safe level of trans-fat to consume."

You can be sure that manufacturers are using this "loophole" to include as much trans-fat as they can. That's what Unilever, maker of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, was doing until recently. But under pressure from consumers and competitors who had totally eliminated trans-fats (and called out Unilever in their advertising), they announced plans to do the same.

Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition at New York University, called this "the death knell for trans-fats."

Meanwhile, The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit group that has been lobbying against hydrogenated oils, said that trans-fats have been reduced by more than 70 percent in three years.

What does this mean?

You have a large corporation giving its customers unhealthy fats for decades, despite evidence of its danger. Government's solution -- the FDA listing requirement -- is nothing but a hoax. The only real change comes as a result of pressure from consumers, lobbyists, and private companies.

Private solutions work better, but aren't toggle switches.

A THB reader sounds off on a recent Undercover article by Melanie Segala:

"Never ... have I read anything in the e-mails or books of prominent health researchers (mostly in the U.S.) saying WHY [genetically modified] foods should be avoided.

"I congratulate you on bringing the dangers of GM to the public's attention. A 5-star rating!!!"

-- S.O.

[Ed. Note: Michael Masterson welcomes your questions and comments. Send him a message at]

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Liquid Killer with a Fizz

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By Melanie Segala - Executive Editor Friday, August 28th - Issue #190

Dear THB Reader:

I couldn't be happier to tell you about a new service you'll receive every Saturday absolutely free as a supplement to your subscription to Total Health Breakthroughs.

It's called The Michael Masterson Journal, and as the name suggests, it is written by our founder Michael Masterson. And you will soon see it will be a highly valuable addition to what you already receive from Total Health Breakthroughs.  

Michael happens to be my mentor at THB.  Not only is he one of the best writers in the business, he has a wealth of knowledge about natural ways to improve your health.  From his low-carb meals and nutritional supplement regimen, to his high-intensity workouts, Michael lives the healthy lifestyle you read about in THB.

In each issue of the Journal, Michael will share his healthy living secrets with you.   Plus he'll teach you how to increase your income, invest more safely, start your own business, and even earn points with your boss and significant other.

Best of all, I promise that you'll be entertained with terrific writing, irreverent commentary, and great advice to on how to improve your life now

Look for The Michael Masterson Journal every Saturday in your e-mail box.  You'll be glad you did.

To Your Good Health,

Melanie Segala
Managing Editor
Total Health Breakthroughs


THBDiet Soda Makes You Fat?

Avoid sodas… even if they are diet.

Sodas will make you fat. And they lead to other health problems. That "innocent" low-cal diet soda is really danger in a can.

A published study tracked the diets of men and women for nine years. Those who drank just one can of diet soda a day increased their risk of metabolic syndrome by 34%.  Metabolic syndrome is a collection of symptoms that lead to diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases like cancer.

Just one can of diet soda a day puts you at almost a 10% higher risk of metabolic syndrome than eating a diet of fried foods! And regular soda isn't any better. Another study found that it's also associated metabolic syndrome.

The average American drinks an estimated 56 gallons of soft drinkseach year.  No wonder over 50 million Americans have metabolic syndrome!

Instead of soft drinks, drink spring water or purified water. For a little added flavor, add fresh orange or lemon slices… even raspberries. You can even try a splash of natural fruit juice.  For a change of pace, try iced tea or lemonade. If you like a little sweetness, add a touch of stevia — a natural calorie-free sweetener that you can find in any health food store.

Eat the Way You Want... And Burn Fat at the Same Time

It's true: You can lose weight without changing your diet and without spending an hour a day doing sit-ups or sweating away on the stair machine. 

You see, you're born with a secret weapon that will keep your heart strong, your lungs healthy, and your body trim and fit. All you need to know is how to set it off.

It doesn't take 45 minutes of jumping up and down in aerobics class or jogging until your legs feel like rubber. And it doesn't require a diet of tofu burgers and rice cakes.

It's much better … much easier … and much more effective … than either of those.

But don't take my word for it. Let's take a look at the facts …

THBThe Science of the Mind

Science is beginning to learn that the vast majority of us can avoid Alzheimer's in our later years.  The secret is a healthy lifestyle.  In this important article, Dr. Joe McCaffrey presents some fascinating research on two natural substances that seem to scrub Alzheimer's-causing plaque from the brain.

One of these substances is totally free.  The other one costs only pennies a day.  How much better can it get?

These So-Called "Side Effects" of Aging Are NOT Inevitable

Memory lapses are embarrassing… Even frightening. Yet we write them off as "senior moments"… "Normal" effects of aging we can do nothing about.

But you do NOT have to suffer from these "side effects" of aging.

This is the breakthrough finding of Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. , founder of the non-profit Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation, America's #1 brain longevity specialist, and author of a groundbreaking report on memory loss.  

According to Dr. Dharma, many forms of chronic memory loss can be reduced, reversed, and even TOTALLY eliminated.

Find out how you can reduce, reverse, and eliminate chronic memory loss, turning your brain into a virtual "memory magnet" right here.

THBGood for What Ails You

Bill Douglas has a low cost alternative to expensive health care costs.  Even Harvard University agrees with him.   They say his solution has health benefits for people with arthritis, breast cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, Parkinson's, and even low bone density.

Bill Douglas is a tai chi instructor. He believes the ancient Chinese art is the best medicine for the chronic stress that is rampant in modern society.  According to the CDC, up to 90% of doctor visits are stress related. 

Douglas is so sure that tai chi is a long term health solution that will save the US trillions of dollars, that soon he will be making a presentation to the National Institutes of Health.  Part of his plan is to take tai chi into hospitals, senior centers and public schools. 

The beauty of tai chi he says is that, "you can get started even if you aren't in top shape, or the best of health."

Tai chi is a self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching.   The slow graceful movements are based on a series of postures that flow into the next without pausing. Harvard has gone so far as to call it, "medication in motion."  Not a bad endorsement…

It's easy to find tai chi instructors in most communities.  Check out adult ed classes, private studios, and community centers for beginner classes.  With tai chi, it's never too late to start your own personal health care reform.  

THBThe Sixth Biggest Killer in the US

I really did a double take when I read the following headline: Omega-3 deficiency causes 96,000 US deaths per year, say researchers.  The study which was funded by the CDC used a mathematical model to determine how many lives could have been saved with better lifestyle choices. 

While some critics say the results could be skewed by not including factors such as vitamin D deficiency, there is no doubt that most of us are not getting enough omega-3's in our diet. 

You should aim for at least one gram of omega-3 fatty acids per day. One serving of wild salmon contains about that much. And grass-fed beef is also an excellent source of omega-3s. But the best way to get your omega-3s every day is to take a high quality fish oil supplement. The brand we recommend is Carlson's. It has 1.6 grams per teaspoon.

Include these foods and a supplement in your diet and it's easy to avoid being a CCD statistic.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally! 8 Hours of Sleep - Guaranteed


Capitol Hill speaker and natural-health doctor sought after by "traditional" MD's asks:

"When Was the Last Time
You Slept (Uninterrupted)
For Eight Straight Hours?"

Can't sleep? One of the 50 Most Influential Pharmacists in the U.S. reveals the NUMBER ONE cause of sleep deprivation, and shows you…

  • Why "buzzing" microscopic structures inside your head are keeping you awake all night long…
  • And the six simple steps GUARANTEED to silence the "buzz" (giving you night after night of shuteye) in 14 days or less!

Dear Friend,

If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, sleepwalking or just want to get a few more zzz's…then your long nights of tossing and turning are about to be replaced with eight hours of deep, restful sleep!

Here's why. Your body contains over 100 trillion living cells.

Every one of these cells constantly receives instructions from your brain. Usually, they are orders to keep you healthy and calm.

But sometimes seemingly innocent events in your life trigger a state of "red alert" in your brain…and then…it spreads like wildfire through your body!

Almost immediately, it's like every one of your100 trillion cells turn into little buzzing alarm clocks.

And when this happens it's…

Absolutely Impossible to Get Any Sleep!

Think about it: If you were in a room with 100 trillion alarm clocks - all beeping and buzzing like crazy - how much sleep do you think you could get?

NONE - right? Only if you silenced every single one of the alarms would you be able to get any peace and quiet…and then get to sleep.

Well, the same is true with these cellular "alarm clocks." Unless you shut all of them off, there's NO WAY you'll ever get more than even a few hours of low-quality sleep.

The good news is there is a way to quiet these cellular "alarm clocks," so you can sleep all night without interruption. It doesn't require any pharmaceutical sleep aids (in fact, those can make the problem even worse!)…and I guarantee that in just 14 days you'll…

Sleep Like A Baby All Night Long!

How do I KNOW this will put you to sleep?

I know because I've spent an entire career helping people go from sick to healthy. From overweight to thin. From insomniacs to deep sleepers.

And I started by healing myself.

After watching my grandmother go blind, succumb to obesity and heart disease and lose her fingers before dying…and then watching all three of my uncles and my father become diabetic...I swore not to follow in their path.

When I began experiencing the early warning signs of diabetes in college…I sought out the true cause and used natural therapies to cure myself.

Since then my I've spent every day working to give people back their health. That's why I opened the doors to the LaValle Metabolic Institute in 1985 and am now on an unstoppable mission to spread-the-word about natural healing:

• Spoke on Capitol Hill as a Founding Board Member (one of only nine in the world) of the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance.

• Member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, a licensed pharmacist, board-certified clinical nutritionist, diplomate in homeopathic medicine and pharmacy, and doctor of naturopathic medicine.

• Voted one of the 50 most influential pharmacists in the U.S. by American Druggist magazine for my work in natural therapeutics.

• Named one of America's top pharmacists by the Consumer Research Council of America in 2006 for his work in Integrative Medicine. 

• Taught natural medicine courses at the University of Cincinnati's Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine. Plus, lectured to thousands of health care professionals on combining natural cures with traditional medicine.

• Authored over a dozen books including Cracking the Metabolic Code: 9 Keys to Optimal Health, The Nutritional Cost of Drugs, and Smart Medicine for Healthier Living.

My name is Jim LaValle, and I am a clinical pharmacist and board certified clinical nutritionist. I've spent the last 25 years hunting down the natural secrets that help people live healthier and happier lives.

And while originally trained as a pharmacist, I learned a long time ago that chemical drugs are best used as a last resort.

Now I travel the country, speaking in front of thousands of doctors a year on alternatives to the drugs I used to freely prescribe. And while it brings me great personal fulfillment to spread the word on natural cures…I still get excited working one-on-one with patients at my LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.

That's the way I like it.

I've worked with thousands of people (with every possible disease and condition under the sun) since opening my own practice in 1985. And even though they come for different reasons, almost all of them share…

The NUMBER ONE Barrier to Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep

Let me explain. If the brain has the master plan, then it's the job of specific hormones to make sure the message gets delivered to your cells.

For example, during strenuous exercise, excitement, pain and orgasm your body releases hormones called endorphins. These work like natural pain killers and produce a (sometime intense) sense of well-being.

However when your brain is in "red alert" mode it secretes a very different hormone that…

…ceases vital functions like digestion, cellular repair and immune system response…

…supercharges your heart and sends your blood pressure soaring…

...and shuts down rational thinking...

…Putting Your Body In An Intensely Alert, "On The Edge" Survival State!

They are called stress hormones. And while it sounds scary, this is a perfectly normal response!

However, when this raging river of stress hormones never shuts off, your cells simply never get the message to calm down…and…it's impossible for you to get any consistent sleep.

And in today's high stress environment, it's more of a problem than ever:

According to a new survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council, over half of Americans say stress disturbs their sleep (that's more than 150 million people!).

But it doesn't just affect you. Your spouse is kept wide awake too. Fully 45 percent of Americans say they toss and turn throughout the night because of their partner’s sleeplessness over stress.

Now, there is a way to stop these dangerous levels of stress hormones from overwhelming your body. And there's more to the story than just getting you back to sleeping 8 hours a night. Because this excess stress does more than just keep you awake. It…

Invades Every Single Organ In Your Body!

A toxic onslaught of stress hormones literally makes you die faster.

Let me explain. The following quote is from a Science Daily article exposing findings from a University of Bordeaux study on the short - and long - term effects of stress…

"This hypersecretion has damaging effects on the individual, to the point of accelerating aging and facilitating the onset of illnesses such as depression."

How is that possible? Easy, stress hormones attack your…

BRAIN - Causing memory problems, increased craving for junk foods and shuts down hormones that build muscle.

THYROID - lowering your metabolism to a crawl leaving you fat and tired.

PANCREAS - Increasing blood sugar and risk of diabetes and weight gain.

INTESTINES - Creating allergies, blocking nutrient absorption and causing "Leaky Gut Syndrome."

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Decreases your ability to fight infections. And even causes it to attack its own healthy cells!

HEART - Increasing blood pressure, bad cholesterol and artery blockage. Plus decreases good cholesterol.

SEX DRIVE - Slashes sex hormone production, destroying libido and sexual function (and can even rob you of your sexuality!)

The truth is while chronic stress is doing more than keeping you awake. It attacks every cell in your body…it short circuits the repairing process…and it takes years off your life.

But you don't have to suffer! You see, over the past few years I've developed a program specifically for the people who come to my clinic who can't sleep. And now I'm making it available to the public.

The best part is it's GUARANTEED to…

Give You a Full Night's Sleep in Just 14 Days

After years of observing my patients I've uncovered SIX separate stress factors that make it impossible to sleep.

Following my program 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep – you'll discover how each one of these factors leads to long, sleepless nights…and…how to eliminate stress from your life so you can sleep easy again.

Sleeping 100% Better in 24 Hours

"I am simply amazed at the quality of care at Dr. LaValle’s Institute. Within 24 hours of taking my medicine I was sleeping 100% better and feeling better. Dr. LaValle and his staff really take the time to answer any questions I have. The best investment you can make in the world is the one in yourself!!!!"
--Mike Visocky
Fort Myers, FL

I now sleep like a baby!

"I now sleep like a baby, have lost 20 lbs. am working out again, got my libido back and feel overall very happy and well."
--Dawn Samples
Canton, OH

Stress should have taken a serious toll…

 "I'm 64 and have endured many years of stress and frequent traveling. All of this should have taken a serious toll on my health and body. But I was fortunate to have met Jim LaValle 20 years ago. I have been following his advice and supplement regimen ever since.  Today, I am frequently mistaken for being in my early 40's. I still play competitive sports, especially my first love, softball. Most of my good fortune comes from the benefits I have received over the years from the LaValle program!" 
--Steve Hansen

It works so well, many people have reported deeper, sounder sleep the very night they start the program.

When you accept a risk-free trial of 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep, here's what you get…

Part #1
What Stress Free Sleepers Know 
That Stressed Out Insomniacs Don't

You see, there are several factors that could be responsible for pouring stress chemicals into your blood. And this part of the program makes sure you understand them quickly.

Next up, you'll use a stress analysis to determine your stress level and start tailoring your "prescription of relief."

You'll learn all about the three stages of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). It's vital you recognize these stages, especially stage two--the dangerous resistance phase. Why? Because it feels calm, like the eye of a hurricane.

When you're in stage two you think you've adapted to the stress in your life. The reality is your overloaded stress wiring is about to blow its circuit breakers and plunge you into burnout!

Part 1 finishes with a life changing revelation--the holy grail of weight loss. So few folks realize stress is undermining their efforts to lose weight and may be the driving force behind their obesity!

Find out if stress is driving your appetite crazy and
tormenting you with cravings--and the role your thyroid plays in compounding the problem. You'll also discover... 

  • The number one stress hormone that leads to hyper-arousal--and how it jerks you into satisfying it with smoking, drinking, high calorie foods and meds...
  • Sleeping pills, antidepressants, Tylenol/Advil PM... the right time to use meds. And why this "band aid" approach can make things worse in all but the most acute phase of stress management.
  • What happens during sleep, how much is enough and the symptoms of sleep pattern disturbances...
  • How sleep apnea can start a cascade of deadly health conditions including heart failure...
  • The ten lab tests to ask your doctor for--that describe your stress profile and pinpoint your specific weaknesses...
  • How a lack of sleep causes an eruption of inflammatory chemistry--now accepted as the root cause of virtually all degenerative disease... 
  • And much more.

Part #2
Five Steps to Reduce Stress & Improve Health

First I'll show you a program of supplements to ensure you get deep, quality, natural sleep. They can also help you feel calmer and more focused during the day. You'll know exactly what to take, when to take it and how much, specifically for your personal stress profile.

Then we'll take a four step comprehensive approach to de-stressing, better sleeping and rejuvenating--including five dietary factors to reduce, two to increase, and the seven habits of highly effective sleepers.
Each step of the way includes an action plan, leading to a tailored 14 day program of transformation. Of course, it's unlikely the stressors in your life will change dramatically in only two weeks. What can change though is your ability to handle them, with the right balance of supplements.

I recommend seven of these natural miracles that act like stress shock absorbers. The first is both ancient and modern. It's a blend of compounds from the 5000 year old Chinese medical system, extracted using cutting edge technology.

In an unpublished study of this remedy, an astounding 87 percent of users experienced improved sleep and 89 percent improved relaxation.

My team at LMI conducted our own study on the second blend of natural extracts you'll learn about. The results were impressive. Out of 773 patients, 93 percent reported feeling more relaxed, 88 percent improved sleep and 89 percent reduced fatigue!

Now with your chemistry under control we can turn our attention to your psychology: Your mind can and will control your fight-or-flight response, and reduce your overall stress. Dr. Herbert Benson, M.D. from The Mind/Body Institute at Harvard Medical School proved it over 25 years ago.

Plus, whole branches of psychotherapy are devoted to changing your response and reaction, by changing inner dialogue and negative self talk.

So, we'll examine...

  • The "how to" of relaxing--because for the stressed out it doesn't come naturally. And it's impossible to be stressed and relaxed at the same time!
  • Using moderate exercise to flood your pituitary and hypothalamus with feel good hormones, and burn off stress hormones...
  • How you use your time, and identifying changes that can reduce the pressure you're under...
  • Why one person freaks out in a crisis, while another thanks his maker he came through--and how to be the one who gets far fewer health problems as a consequence...
  • Plus, learn how nurturing your spirit increases your capacity to fight disease and stress...
  • And much More!

Part #3 & Component #4
Two-Weeks to a Well Rested, Chilled Out, Energized YOU . . .

...starts by tailoring the seven supplements to your individual needs. You'll learn how much to take and when to take them for maximum results.

Part #3 then readies you to start on the commitments you've made to yourself, in the action steps leading to this point. It will leave you in no doubt what to do over the following two weeks, right down to the last mouthful you eat.

You'll use component #4 - The 14 Day Progress Planner - to track your results. Watch, as day by day your stress and food craving numbers come down, while your sleep quality and hours go up. 

Are You Running on Empty, Relying on Advil/Tylenol PM?

Why risk it when there are such effective natural alternatives? Those innocent looking PM capsules are loaded with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain killers (NSAIDs), and the  active ingredient in Benadryl. Sure, this unnatural chemical "cocktail" may get you through a sleepless night. But use it for long and you could pay a price!

They can break down intestinal tissue and may deplete folic acid and melatonin. Depletion of melatonin can cause sleep disturbances, problems with insulin regulation, and imbalances in immunity, and may also increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Disturbances in your gastrointestinal tract and your natural flora can cause chronic inflammation, leading to a decrease in nutrient absorption, insulin resistance, and other metabolic disturbances.

Gastric erosions occur in almost half of individuals who take NSAIDs regularly. In the US, it has been estimated that about 16,500 deaths each year are related to NSAID use. NSAIDS have very well known side effects on intestinal and stomach linings.

Acetaminophen (in Tylenol® PM and many cold and pain OTC products) can be one of the most damaging drugs you can take! More than 30,000 cases per year of acetaminophen overdose are reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, and it is a leading cause of drug-induced liver failure in the US. There are some statistics showing even people taking modest dosages have damaged their livers.

In 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep, you'll discover seven natural stress "shock absorbers" guaranteed to put you to sleep without these nasty side effects! Order now by CLICKING THIS LINK or calling TOLL-FREE 1-800-718-5638. We'll rush you the program at the super low price of just $39, and include two FREE Special Reports!   

Components #5 
Psychological Tools to Induce Deep Sleep  And Build Greater Resilience to Stress

Relaxation Techniques for Peaceful Sleep, and Affirmations to Reduce Stress complete your cycle of recovery. Your balanced body calms your mind, and through the power of guided relaxation... meditation... soothing music... muscle relaxation... deep breathing... visualization and affirmation... these two CD's will program your mind to calm your body.

Take Relaxation Techniques for Peaceful Sleep. The deeper you allow it to relax you the more profound its physiological effects. Your heartbeat slows, breathing and oxygen consumption decrease, and the electrical resistance of your skin increases--all measures of profound relaxation.

If you've sorted out your chemistry first, I challenge you to remember your guide Sheri McHenry's last words, before you're out like a light!

And based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, five minutes of Affirmations to Reduce Stress as you travel to work, will reset your threshold for the day.

"Dr. James LaValle's treatment worked for me.
Now let him work for you"
--MaryEllen Tribby

YOU Can Overcome One of the Greatest Threats to Your Health 

And Gain Peace of Mind and Future Success in Just 14 Days!

14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep from Total Health Breakthroughs, is the world's first virtual metabolic makeover, and integrated mind/body solution to stress.

Look what you get for less than the cost of a decent massage or an hour with a psychotherapist. This revolutionary program makes conquering stress and inducing deep, blissful, healing sleep, as easy as it gets:

  • You get a comprehensive blueprint that explores virtually every aspect of the stress in your life, in the same way you would if you visited the LaValle Metabolic Institute...
  • You get a program detailing exactly what you must take and precisely what you must do, depending upon the type and amount of stress in your life...
  • You get psychological tools to magnify the effects of Jim's coaching...
  • You get a plan that gives you measurable results in just 14 days...
  • And much, Much, MORE, because...

James LaValle's intervention to treat your stress is what a lesson with Tiger Woods is to your golf swing--it doesn't get any better! You just won't find all this expertise in one place, anywhere else.

Amazing Introductory Offer:
Get 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep  for just 39 Bucks,
And Claim 2 FREE Special Reports!

Stress destroying the health of the uninformed is sad, but for someone like you it's a heartbreaker because you know better. Please don't allow...

  • Adrenaline constricted vessels to push your blood pressure ever upwards...
  • A cocktail of inflammatory chemicals to race round your blood, causing all manner of degenerative diseases...
  • Your efforts to lose weight remain fruitless...
  • Your cells to slide into insulin resistance and diabetes.
  • Or the risk of the kind of heart attack that leaves no clues, and gives no second chances... 

... ALL this can be reversed, relieved and resolved!

And as the publisher of Total Health Breakthroughs and the beneficiary of Dr Jim's treatment, I couldn't live with myself if a single one of my readers fell victim to stress like I did. That's why I'm low-balling this program to you, before we advertise it in the wider market.

Just CLICK HERE or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-718-5638 now, to order. Either way Total Health Breakthroughs will rush you 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep for just $39!

PLUS, you will receive FREE Special Report #1: Syndrome X and Your Metabolic Code - a $19.95 Value, FREE!

You may not know it yet, but the chances are almost one-in four that you've got Metabolic Syndrome RIGHT NOW! It's got at least 47 million Americans, and James LaValle knows the heartbreak it can lead to, first hand. Blindness, amputations, obesity, kidney failure, heart disease, cancer and more! It eroded the health of half his family and threatened his own. Use this life raft report to let him help save you like he has thousands of other Americans since.  

You'll discover...

  • How to get clear on exactly what this cluster of symptoms is and discover for yourself if it's happening to you...
  • The lab tests to check if this Trojan horse is about to unleash its deadly pay load on your metabolism...
  • How to uncover and rewrite your personal Metabolic Code, programming your cells away from the terrible diseases of Syndrome X...
  • Could fruit be doing you more harm than good? The answer may be YES if you're carrying excess belly fat. Find out why...
  • When drugs worsen Syndrome X through nutrient depletion and how to reverse this dilemma...
  • PLUS, a comprehensive and holistic plan to keep this killer out of your life... 
  • And much, Much, MORE!

PLUS, you will receive FREE Special Report #2: Drugs That Make You Starve - a $19 Value, FREE!

If you're taking any popular prescribed or OTC drug, chances are you are being starved of certain nutrients as a direct consequence. And that can lead to amplified side effects and further diseases! James LaValle is the renowned expert on this subject, and wrote the book most well informed doctors and pharmacists consult when prescribing and dispensing medications. Unfortunately not nearly enough health care practitioners are clued up to use it! This slimmed down Special Report covers many of the most widely employed drugs so you can take control and use them more safely.

You'll discover...

  • Muscle cramps or spasms, depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle or bone aches, bone loss, anxiety, muscle weakness, and constipation. Is it the disease or the drugs?
  • How your genetics, diet, stress and activity levels contribute to your nutrient status before, and during, the time you take specific medications...
  • Vitamins, minerals and nutrients including: calcium, zinc, magnesium, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, and folic acid. All vital! All depleted by certain drugs! But not when you take them with this guide by your side...
  • The one supplement that on its own allowed 43% of heart patients to come off between one and three pharmaceutical drugs!
  • How acid indigestion can cause bone loss and deadly hip fractures!
  • PLUS, an easy to consult guide to help you make instant nutrient decisions and keep you safe! 
  • And much, Much, MORE!

No Risk . . . Only Results!

I'm positive 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep will put the brakes on your stress and soften its blow. In fact I guarantee it.

Order now by calling TOLL-FREE 1-800-718-5638 or CLICK HERE. Then take up to 30 days to go through your 14-day program.  

You must feel your craving for sweets and carbs reduce and a Zen like calm come over you--and notice how triggers that used to send you over the top now hardly register. Lunch time crashes must yield to new energy, keeping you going until YOU call it a day. And you must agree you've extinguished the cauldron of caustic chemicals that otherwise spell havoc for your health...

If not just return the program within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. Either way you keep the FREE life saving reports Syndrome X and Your Metabolic Code, and Drugs That Make You Starve--a $40  value.

Give the Stress in Your Life the Respect it Deserves
- STRESS Kills, Take Action to Rein it In NOW!

Please: You shouldn't need to give this decision a second thought...

If you're overweight or concerned about your heart in any way shape or form... if you're insulin resistant or worried about the most inflammatory chemicals known to man blasting around your bloodstream, you need this metabolic makeover.

And if you think you're on top of the stress in your life, but have trouble falling asleep, a memory letting you down, blood pressure going up, poor digestion, or if you get every bug that hits town... it's even more important for you. It could save you from the burnout that's about to bite!

  • I GUARANTEE 14 Days to Less Stress and Better Sleep will do exactly what its title promises - or it costs you nothing.
  • I've priced it so low it'll walk itself out the door. But I don't know how long this offer can hold!
  • And, I'm committing to your health further with TWO FREE life saving Special Reports to save you from Syndrome X, and depletion of vital nutrients by drugs--a $40 value, yours FREE!           

This decision is critical to your health, for the rest of your life. If you don't control stress, stress will control you. CLICK THIS LINK or pick up the phone right now and dial 1-800-718-5638 TOLL-FREE.

You're about to receive the world's first virtual metabolic makeover, and integrated mind/body solution to stress.

Everything you're doing for your health is undermined by stress. And leaving yourself at its mercy is only inviting trouble.

CLICK or call 1-800-718-5638 to tame this killer RIGHT NOW!

To a calmer body, peaceful mind and the energy to be the best you can,

MaryEllen Tribby
Publisher, Total Health Breakthroughs

P.S. I urge you to try out Dr. LaValle's program right now. Because here's the harsh cold reality of life: You only have one life to live - so why not live it as a happy person, experiencing the 8 hours of sleep every night you deserve? If other people are sleeping clear through the night...not tossing or turning...or spending their waking hours fatigued and depressed...then why shouldn't you? Remember, the opportunity to try a guaranteed program for 8 hours of sleep is in your hands right now. What do you have to lose?



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