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Friday, October 26, 2012

The LFMTE software available now


Its been a year in the making, and 6 months testing
but finally we had the first launch of a new TE
on the LFMTE super script...

Were ecstatic not only did the launch go off smoother
than silk, with none of the usual script hiccups
and heart rendering failures that normally happen on
the old worn out scripts.

If you ever wanted to start your own Traffic Exchange
this is the time to do it, using the LFMTE script.


Completely populated to start taking cash from the
minute its installed... The install comes with all the
login offers and OTO's already added. based on
what we know works.

Everything is included even down to the sales copy...

And were going to drive traffic to your new TE
as well its a package made for YOU...
Right now you can have your own business up
and running for less than a meal for 2


Your success

PS: Did I tell you were going to drive traffic to
every new LFMTE exchange... Oh yes I did

Glen Brink - president & Empower Network team mentor

==> call me at 303-442-6460
==> e-mail me at
==> Visit my online offices "The Ultimate Online home business
       you've been looking for with our team."


As a special bonus for registering you'll get our very best...

* Access to DAILY, online Presentations
so you can learn from the master himself
and hear the secrets shared by our team leaders.

Take Care,
skype: glenbrink
yahoo: glenbrink

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Monday, October 8, 2012

You're invited



Please connect with me on Naymz.

- Glen Brink

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