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Friday, June 20, 2008

all things HOLD TOGETHER with laminin

FWD: Carol Bernal

A couple of days ago I was running on my treadmill watching a DVD sermon by Louie Giglio! I want to share what I learned.

He (Louie) was talking about how inconceivably BIG our God He spoke the universe into He breathes stars out of His mouth that are huge raging balls of fire...etc etc. Then He went on to speak of how this star-breathing, universe creating God ALSO knitted our human bodies together with amazing detail and wonder. At this point I am LOVING it (fascinating from a medical standpoint, you know.) .....and I was remembering how I was constantly amazed during medical school as I learned more and more about God's handiwork.

I remember so many times thinking: "How can ANYONE deny that a Creator did all of this?" Louie went on to talk about how we can trust that the God who created all this, also has the power to hold it all together when things seem to be falling our loving Creator is also our sustainer.

And then I lost my breath. And it wasn't because I was running my treadmill either!!! It was because he started talking about laminin. I knew about laminin. Here is how Wikipedia describes them: "Laminins are a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every animal tissue." You see....laminins are what hold us together....LITERALLY. They are cell adhesion molecules They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart. And I knew all this already.

But what I didn't know is what laminin LOOKED LIKE. But now I do. And I have thought about it a thousand times since....Here is what the structure of laminin looks like...AND THIS IS NOT a "Christian portrayal"' of it. If you look up laminin in any scientific/medical piece of literature, this is what you will see:


The glue that holds us together....ALL of in the shape of the cross!!

Immediately Colossians 1:15-17 comes to mind: "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created; things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, And in him all things HOLD TOGETHER."

Thousands of years before the world knew anything about laminin,

Paul penned those words The Creator knew EXACTLY what laminin "glue" would look like long before Adam even breathed his first breath!!

And now we see that from a very LITERAL standpoint, we are held together one cell to another....BY THE CROSS!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Children, Our Future

"Healthy Food is a Recipe for Peace"

That's quite a claim!

It is a statement made by Bernard Gesch, a senior research scientist in
the physiology department at Oxford University. Gesch is the director
of Natural Justice, a British research institute that studies the causes of anti-social behavior.

As printed in "ODE Magazine", June 2007 issue:

In a British prison, we divided 231 prisoners into two groups. For 18 months, one group was given food supplements including the daily
requirements for vitamins, minerals and essential
fatty acids
. The other group was given a placebo.

No one in the prison
knew who was getting what.

Those that were given the
supplements committed 26% fewer offences and 37% fewer violent assaults
compared with the placebo group. The study was set up to rule out ethnic or social factors potentially affecting the two groups so the
supplementation must have been the source of the behavioral improvement.

What would the future of these 231 men have been if they had grown up with
better nutrition?

We have to think about that. We all have to eat for good health and, so it appears, also for good behavior. And if it works in prisons, it
will also work with school children. There will be increasing evidence that young people are undermined by what they eat.

There is not a diet yet that takes behavior into account. In short:
this is a societal time bomb.

Bernard Gesch is very clear:

"Poor nutrition can be an important source of anti-social behavior."

The above study referenced by Bernard Gesch offers evidence that high
quality, whole food nutrition makes a real difference in how people
experience life's many potential stresses.

I am so pleased to have strong scientific evidence that clearly supports
what I have observed for over fifteen years!

Most of us believe diet is important.
But many people do not realize how essential diet is not only for life, but for how that life is going to be lived.

Our minds, our emotions, and our intellect require
specific nutrients. Lose one, and the amazing healing machine of our body will cope.
Lose a few, and it will compromise to protect life.
Lose enough, and that life changes dramatically.

The most important gifts our children bring--their hopes and dreams--are also in danger-because along with a culture that venerates fast food
and often ignores nutrition as an essential component of our children's health, we are also seeing dramatic increases in disorders that involve
brain function.

How many children and parents do you know
who are dealing with:


*Depression in an adolescent

*Autistic Spectrum Disorder

A look at the facts is frightening.

*Preschoolers are the fastest
growing market for antidepressants

*20% of all children have some
sort of legally defined mental disorder

*Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in adolescents 15 and over

*Adolescent suicide has
tripled since 1960

the age of 12 are now being diagnosed as clinically depressed, bipolar,
and schizophrenic. Along with each
of these labels come drugs, most of which have not been tested on children and which have never
been studied for long term effects. It is heartbreaking to realize that
at a time when innocent life is sweetest-before first grade is even begun-over a million children are so affected by unhappiness that they
are prescribed antidepressants to get through the day.




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