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Monday, December 15, 2008

Stem Cell Therapies and Facts

Stem Cell Nutrition #3
Stem Cell Therapies and Facts

This is the third letter in the series on adult stem cells.
Our product works directly to support your own production of adult stem cells in bone marrow, which makes this product far easier to use and far superior to any invasive and painful
technologies for harvesting stem cells.
Here are some different articles that will help to define some of the many benefits to having strong stem cell production!
Stem cell cure hope for back pain

A patient's own stem cells could soon be used to cure chronic back pain, say researchers.
A team from the University of Manchester hope their treatment will be available within three years.
They are perfecting a way to rebuild the soft shock-absorbing discs which separate the vertebrae in the spine.
Damage to these intervertebral discs (IVDs) is a common cause=2 0of debilitating low back pain
which affects around 12 million in the UK.
A treatment which effectively cured the problem could potentially save the UK economy as much as £5 billion a year.
The new therapy, developed by Dr. Stephen Richardson, uses mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from adult bone marrow to regenerate spinal discs.
MSCs are a class of stem cell which can grow into many different cell types, including bone, cartilage, fat and muscle.
[NOTE: these are similar to the stem cells our product helps to increase the number of!]
Dr Richardson has succeeded in turning these stem cells, into the cells which make up the gel-like tissue separating the vertebrae.
He plans to begin pre-clinical trials next year, with full patient trials to follow on.
Dr Richardson said: "Once we have extracted the bone marrow from the patient and have purified the MSCs, they will be grown in culture and our patented method of differentiation will be applied.
"They will then be embedded within a gel which can be implanted back into the patient."
[NOTE: Compare this to the ease of taking a whole food supplement!]
No rejection

Since the stem cells are taken from the patient's own body, there is no chance of them being rejected by the immune system.
The new tissue is implanted using an arthroscope, a thin tube device slipped through a small incision in the back.
"Once implanted, the differentiated MSCs (adult stem cells) would produce a new NP tissue with the same properties as the original and would both treat the underlying cause of the disease and remove the painful symptoms."

Currently, low back pain is treated with a combination of painkillers, physiotherapy or surgery.
In severe cases tissue is removed to relieve the pain, or vertebrae fused together.
Dries Hettinga, research and information manager at the charity BackCare, said: "This is a really exciting area of research and although it=2 0is still early days, the initial results look very promising."
Experience one of the most exciting developments in natural supplementation in recent history.with a product that is proven to increase the ability of your body to produce its own =2 0 stem cells-up to 70%!-safely and naturally!
StemPlexTM is beginning a revolution in the health care helping your body to overcome one of the leading problems that results as a process of aging. With the nutritional support this synergistic product offers, your body fights off the effects of Oxidative Stress and begins to Renew and Regenerate...Quickly, Safely, and Noticeably.

Success Testimonials and More

Stem Cell Nutrition #2
Success Testimonials and More

This second letter about stem cell nutrition is filled with testimonials from people who are using our stem cell nutritional product, StemPlex.
These people have received some amazing benefits!
I hope you enjoy reading them, and begin to see the potential that our powerful nutritional stem cell support can offer for your health.
Aggie has been suffering with severe osteo-arthritis in her knee. At the time she started taking StemPlex, her entire le g was a constant ache and she would drag her leg most times. She found it difficult to swim, walk on cement or walk up or down stairs, which20she would do one step at a time. She couldn't drive a standard shift car either, it had to be automatic. Now she can almost run up and down the stairs with no pain. She said: "This product has virtually changed my life. Thank-you Simplexity."

Aggie's father, about 85 years of age, has back pain and arthritis in his hands and has difficulty getting up from his chair. A few days later, after taking StemPlex capsules, he is able to move without pain again. He mentioned his progress to a friend, also about 85 years of age. His friend hasn't been able to walk for a very long time because of painful arthritic knees. This gentleman tried a few of the StemPlex capsules donated by Aggie's father. He was astounded that two or three days later he could walk the length of the White Rock Pier, which is a one mile walk, there and back. Needless to say, he too wants to order the StemPlex product.

David Stone
White Rock, B.C.
I know it sounds too good to be true. Here's my experience of the new product. I've been having some left knee challenges for several months.
I work pt in catering with a lot of heavy lifting & up & down stairs work. That knee has been bearing the brunt of the work.

In Dallas I took 2 the first night (Friday) we got the stem cell product.
thinking hey I wonder what this will do for me., & the next morning
(Saturday) I walked as easily as if I didn't have any problems. When we
left & got to the airport, the security machinery was down so we needed
to walk the length of about 10 gates to enter a different area. I walked
it & then walked back to get to our gate. I wasn't runnin g but I wasn't
moaning either.

It has been that way ever since.20I can scarcely believe it myself.
Kate Rander, Virginia
I had major neck surgery in early June. Prior to that I had experienced long term fatigue (for me) due to chronic pain. Afterwards, while my neck is stable again, I am still in fairly severe chronic pain and have definitely been unable to work and live as I wanted. I have had a very limited ability to sit and work at my desk; I was not mentally sharp, and found myself without the energy to finish many tasks in my business. I began to take our new stem cell product at Dallas. I took 2 the first evening I got it, after a full day of meetings.
Normally, after the first day of sitting in such a meeting, I would be compelled to both stand for part of the second day, and miss part of the day to lay down and get pain relief. I have been unable to socialize at night, due to fatigue and pain. I woke up and took 2 Stemplex again...I sat again the entire second day; I had much less pain and I
noticed a HUGE difference in my mental alertness. I went out to dinner and was up until 10 pm with my dinner party. I DID have a severe headache that night--one of the side effects of pain and tension. I slept kind of rough, and woke up and took the Stemplex. The headache was gone within an hour of that, and did not return, even though the entire day was spent traveling back home. I have continued with 2 Stemplex twice a day, and I notice I can work at my desk for several hours of the day, instead of only one or two hours. I am finishing tasks as they come up, instead of finding I forget what I am doing and cannot concentrate. I still have pain, but it is easily 50-60% better, and most important to me, I feel MYSELF again, as far as alertness, mental20clarity, and actual accomplishments go!
Barbara Swanson
Portland, OR
I started taking the new stem cell product in mid November in Dallas, so today was my 7th day on the product.
As many of you know, I have been healing myself of diabetes during the last year. I went on a very limited healing diet and increased the amount of the various other nutritional products I was taking. I lost a lot of weight during the past year, and I've had a lot of people tell me how good I look. But, I still did not really feel well. I have dealt with a lot of=2 0fatigue - having to take "down days" often because I just woke up too tired to function.

So what is the stem cell story? I feel well for the first time in so long I
don't even remember feeling well before. I never really got that with the other nutritional products no matter how much of what I took. Nor did a year on a very limited diet get me there.

I was not at all tired on Sunday, and I would have expected to be. I did
take it a little easy on Monday, but was not as tired as expected. I not only feel good this week - I feel well. I can see and feel some healing going on in my body. What it feels like to me is that my body is going back to some things that were almost healed and cleaning up the
details. I really feel the difference with this product - more so than I
ever have with any of our other products. And it seems I can feel it working in my body - almost like feeling the reconstruction going on at the sites of old injuries.

For20those of you who are skeptical, all I can say is try it, you'll like it.
Margaret D.
Nashville, TN
Hello everyone:
Right after the Dallas event I accompanied my parents on a mini
vacation to Reno, Nv. as they are not confident enough to travel on
their own, given their own physical limitations. My mother has had
several back surgeries and has been diagnosed with Lung Fibrosis so
she is in constant pain and literally moans in her sleep. My father
has 20 chronic low back and leg pain and anxiety attacks so he sleeps
with a mask to help him breath. I started them on the stem cell product
as soon as we started our trip.
By the third day, my mother's sleep moaning de creased dramatically,
and my father did not need his breathing mask by the third night. Both
felt better energy and look forward to continuing with the product and
experiencing enhanced well being.
Be well,
Charlotte C.
Capitola, CA
I took two tablets before bedtime in Dallas with plenty of water, slept peacefully through the night and haven't had any sciatica pain since. The real test however was when I had to walk l00 acres over and under fallen logs with purchasers the next weekend. They knew about my sciatica problem and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I knew I had to walk=2 0the land they were buying to properly represent them, and I hadn't had any pain for a week, so why not? Imagine pain....and how do I know it's the Stemplex. I did an experiment yesterday...didn't take it...and sure enough the pain came back.&nb sp; I will be a lifer on this one. And it paid for itself. No $40 chiropractor visits for me since. I would normally have had four visits since returning from Dallas.
Who you are makes a difference
I wholeheartedly agree!! Without this amazing stem cell product, I'd probably still be using my walker if I need to walk more than a few feet. With StemPlex I went shopping with my daughter and was able to walk in one store for a full hour before needing a's been over 7 years since I've been able to walk that much. Thank you for this awesome product!

Maximize Rejuvenation

Stem Cell Nutrition #1
Maximize Rejuvenation

Thank you for your interest in our stem cell nutritional product.

I will be sending a series of letters to you on this product, StemPlex. This cutting edge nutritional supplement proven in scientific testing to dramatically increase adult stem cell production in bone marrow.

You can also call 1-888-383-2882 anytime to listen to a 3 minute call on the benefits of this product.

Please let me know if you would like a personal call, to answer questions, or to get you started! Give me a good time and I will get back to you. If you have specific questions, please feel free to call or email me personally.

StemPlex by Simplexity

The Product

StemPlex is an all-natural stem cell proliferation product supported by an original research paper. StemPlex was formulated by leading university researchers who are world-class stem cell scientists. Their work is funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration, and other government sources.

Dr. Bickford and her colleagues demonstrated the proliferation effect of the ingredients included in the StemPlex formula on three types of adult stem cells in vitro.

The Research

The research showed that the combination of ingredients in StemPlex:
  • Increased the proliferation of bone marrow cells by an average of 70%
StemPlex enhances cellular health in two ways:
  1. It provides stem cell nutrition, as demonstrated in the proliferation effect.
2. Via its antioxidant capacity, the formula protects existing stem
cells from the
harmful effects of free radicals; this is especially
important because during the natural aging process, adult
stem cells are known to have a reduced
regenerative capacity.

The Results

This formula exhibits a synergistic effect, which means that the increase in number of new stem cells, from use of the formula, is greater than the increase that occurs through use of the ingredients individually. These ingredients are individually important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is the unique and effective proprietary blend that supports your body's natural renewal system.

The research paper on this special product has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. This report is available for those who want the detailed technical information that supports this product's beneficial effects.

Even now, more research on this formula is in place, including human trials. The company is funding a three-year research program, and other stem cell-related products are in development.

The Ingredients

StemPlex's patent-pending formula contains six natural ingredients: a green tea ex tract, wild blueberry, carnosine, blueberry extract, vitamin D, and SBGA.
  • Green tea extract helps maintain the health of the digestive and respiratory systems, helps support normal cholesterol levels, and enhances the proliferation of stem cells in the body, especially within skin tissue.
  • Wild blueberry supports the health of the brain, heart, urinary tract, and eyes, as well as the proliferation of stem cells.
  • Carnosine is an antioxidant amino acid naturally present in the human body that enhances the proliferation of stem cells and helps to protect against free radical damage. Carnosine may also delay the natural aging of cells and extend the lifespan of adult stem cells. The source of this Carnosine is 100% vegan!
  • Blueberry extract enhances the proliferation of stem cells within the body, and promotes maintenance of healthy brain, cardiovascular, vision, joint, and urinary tract function and normal glucose levels.
  • Vitamin D3 supports adult stem cell renewal and helps these cells become immune cells for naturally fighting infections.* The source is animal-friendly.
  • Organic Super Blue Green® Algae is a freshwater algae, rich in protein, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, phycocyanin, phenylethylamine, vitamins, and minerals. It has a high antioxidant value, and has been shown to support the immune system.
  • StemPlex is a natural product shown to increase stem cell proliferation by as much as 70%. Developed by reputable, leading stem cell scientists, StemPlex is supported by their original research report.
  • Simplexity employs a first-rate Quality Assurance Program, and manufactures science-based, high-quality products.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adult Stem Cells... details and FAQs

Stem Cell Nutrition #4
Adult Stem Cells...
details and FAQs
This is letter 4 in a series on adult stem cells and your health.
In this letter, several different recent studies using stem cells are quoted; this will help bring a real sense of how important stem cells are to our health in general, and especially in preventing premature aging and aging diseases.
Plus, you get a chance to see how simple; easy; and LOW COST our product is, compared to the other adult stem cell therapies in use today!
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a small study, a treatment that included stem cell transplantation induced prolonged insulin independence in patients with newly diagnosed type 1, or insulin-dependent, diabetes.
In a statement, lead author Dr. Julio C. Voltarelli, from the Regional Blood Center in Ribeiro Preto, Brazil, called the results "very encouraging."
While the same approach has been used in other autoimmune disorders, the current study, to the author's knowledge, represents the first time the approach has been used in human type 1 diabetes.
In type 1 diabetes, a person's immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Preserving beta cells is a key concept in the management of type 1 diabetes and in the prevention of its related complications.
Voltarelli's team tested the ability of high-dose immune suppression and stem cell transplantation to preserve beta cell function in 15 patients who were diagnosed with type I diabetes in the previous 6 weeks. All of them required insulin.
Stem cell transplantation involves the harvesting and treatment of a patient's own stem cells and then returning them to the patient via intravenous injection.
During follow up, 14 patients became insulin-free -- 1 for 35 months, 4 for at least 12 months, and 7 patients for at least 6 months. Two "late responders" were insulin-free for 1 and 5 months, respectively.
While further study is needed, Dr. Jay S. Skyler, from the University of Miami, comments in a related editorial, "the time may indeed be coming for starting to reverse and prevent type I diabetes."
Living Forever?
There is potential for humans to mimic the biologically immortal hydra, by exploiting our stem cells in the regeneration of organs damaged by age-related diseases. The=2 ability of adult stem cells, which remain in the body throughout life, to regenerate heart muscle cells has already been demonstrated in mice. Organs regenerated this way would in effect be brand new, and "younger" than all the other tissues and organs. Such regeneration might not immediately boost life's span, but should greatly improve its quality in old age.

Stem cells may fix brain
Research in mice suggests that neural stem cells may be more effective in repairing damaged brain tissue than previously believed, a finding that could lead to new treatments for stroke and other brain trauma in humans.
University of California, San Francisco researchers found that neural stem cells from the brain's subventricular zone quickly repaired damaged cerebral tissue in newborn mice, Agence France Presse reported.

Reverse your age

How far back can the clock go for stem cell patients? Ideally five to 10 years. And if, as Dr. Maffetone says in his book In Fitness and In Health, people improve the quality of their lives through healthy choices, the average human life expectancy can reach 120.

While most people want to age gracefully, others wish to improve the quality of their lives despite a health challenge.
Frequently Asked Questions about StemPlex
Who can use StemPlex?
The product is suitable for anyone who wants to support his or her body's natural renewal system.
Who should not use StemPlex?
There are no indications for anyone not to use Ste mPlex, but if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medication, we recommend that you consult with your health care professional.
Does StemPlex need to be taken with food or can it be taken by itself?
StemPlex can be taken with or without food. Taking StemPlex with food may slightly increase the absorption of fat-soluble substances like vitamin D.
Should you take both capsules of StemPlex at the same time?
It is best to take both capsules at the same time. StemPlex is formulated to match the concentration that was used in the research.
Is there any advantage to taking more than the recommended amount of two capsules of StemPlex per day?
We have no data b eyond the recommended amount of two capsules of StemPlex per day. We have no reason to believe that there is further benefit from taking more than two capsules per day. Since toxicity can occur from consuming large amounts of vitamin D, we don't recommend taking more than four capsules per day.
Is there caffeine in the green tea extract?
The green tea extract contains very little caffeine. In the final formula, the amount of caffeine is less than 2 mg per serving, or less than two-tenths of one percent. (As a comparison, an 8-oz cup of coffee contains 60 to 150 mg.)
What form of vitamin D is used in StemPlex?
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the form of vitamin D used in this product. It is obtained from lanolin, an oil that is pressed from wool.
What is the source of carnosine?
Carnosine is derived from a microbial fermentation process - similar to how fungal enzymes are produced. Carnosine is sometimes derived from feathers or hair, but after carefully researching this matter with our vendor, we determined that the carnosine we use is not derived from an animal source. It is derived from a microbial fermentation process.
Is the Aphanizomenon flos-aquae in StemPlex the same as that in a competitive product, StemEnhance?
StemPlex contains whole Aphanizomenon flos-aquae and other nutrients that have been shown to increase the proliferation of stem cells. StemEnhance is reported to contain two extracts of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae.
Does supplementing the use of StemPlex with enzymes help StemPlex become more available?
Although it is perfectly fine to take this product all by itself, it is true that using it in conjunction with enzymes will assist in the digestion and availability of the ingredients in StemPlex.
Does StemPlex stop working after a period of use?
Animal testing data suggests that the product works for continued periods of time, priming the stem cells to be ready when needed by the body.