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Monday, July 19, 2010

gum diseases red flag to heart diseases

Hello Everyone:

I hope you all are enjoying the Spring season.  Seattle is a spectacular city to live in during the Spring season.  You see so much color around peoples' homes and the blooming flowers and trees make walking up the street smell so good. 

This May E-newsletter is on Dr. Sinatra's article on periodontal diseases.  Dr. Sinatra in this article makes an important assumption that I became aware of a few years ago and I wanted all of you to also be aware of it. 

Dr. Sinatra's article assumes that there is a strong relationship between  periodontal diseases and heart diseases and that the CoEnzyme Q10 supplement can strongly contribute to the health of gums and heart.

My awareness of this relationship started when I visited a holistic Chinese doctor in the past to receive consulting on my chronic eczema condition (back in 1999). He mentioned to me how my gum condition reflects my heart condition.

Holistic Chinese doctors start examining their patients by looking into their mouth.  They believe that the condition of the body parts in our mouth reflect the health of our internal body systems.  For example, a healthy tongue should be pink in color and should not have a groove in the middle. If your tongue color is mostly white and you can see a deep groove in the middle of your tongue (almost like a deep cut), then the doctor will know that you may have intestinal dysfunction.  The deeper the groove on your tongue, the more dysfunctional  your intestinal tract will be.  In addition, a healthy gum condition reflects a healthy heart.  A healthy gum should be pink in color, no receding gum, no ease of bleeding when brushed, no offensive odor, no sensitivity....etc. 

Since my awareness of the relationship of gum health to heart health, I always kept my eyes open for scientific information that can confirm the same things my Chinese doctor shared with me but I had not found any written materials on this subject.  However, last week I read Dr. Sinatra's article on periodontal diseases and in this article he confirmed what I heard from my Chinese doctor, that gum diseases may be a red flag indicating heart problems.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article as I believe it offers important insights that may allow us to protect one of the most important systems in our body, the cardiovascular system

Periodontal Disease

Stephen Sinatra, M.D.
The Coenzyme Q10 Phenomenon, pgs. 86-90

While they were taking Coenzyme Q1O to treat their heart disease, many of my patients commented that their gums became healthier. This observation is not surprising since there are many diseases which respond favorably to CoQ1O supplementation. Remember that metabolically active tissues are highly sensitive to a CoQ1O deficiency. And because CoQ1O works at the cellular and biochemical level, it helps promote strong, active and healthy cells whether they are in the heart or in the gums. What happens in your mouth is actually a mirror for your whole body.

For example, when I see patients who have bleeding gums, pus pockets, foul breath and other characteristics of periodontal disease, it suggests to me that they may have underlying heart disease or even cancer. Diseased gums may be a red flag for Q10 deficiency in the mouth and other tissues of the body. Thus, I believe that periodontal disease may be a warning sign for coexisting problems, a virtual tip of the iceberg, revealing vulnerable CoQ1O levels in the body.

This direct relationship has been observed between various degrees of tooth loss and general health. Patients with good dental health had good medical health, while those who had lost considerable numbers of teeth reported histories of poor circulation, heart disease and stroke. This is why it is important for dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists to have direct dialogue sharing their negative findings with their patients' physicians, especially cardiologists. Periodontist Salvatore J. Squatrito, Jr., D.D.S., shared the following letter with his colleagues:

I was introduced to Coenzyme Q10 by Dr. Stephen Sinatra at a hospital staff lecture. The cardiovascular system, especially the heart and the
periodontium, have large quantities of Q 10 in normal situations.
International studies have shown that cardiovascular problems develop with low Q10 levels. Dr. Sinatra asked me to consider the possibility of using Q10 in periodontal treatment to see if Q10 would make a difference in the outcome of periodontal therapy.

Over the years, periodontal therapy has developed a sophistication of treatment and management of contributing factors such as heredity,
diabetes, radiation therapy, various chemotherapy manifestations and other conditions which diminish the movement of the white blood cells in the human system. When I was an Army bacteriologist, I developed an understanding of bacterial infections and antibiotic therapies. I tried a number of different antibacterial therapies during 30 years as a periodontist, only to be disappointed in the lasting effect of this kind of therapy. Antibiotics did not stop the periodontal disease process.

The recurrence of periodontal problems could also not be explained by inadequate plaque control. Many patients continued to be infected by periodontal pathogens no matter how thoroughly or frequently their plaque was removed. High concentrations of tetracycline gave some relief for intermittent periods of time, but over the long course, the penodontium would once again break down.

Now my patients who have refractory periodontitis are treated with C0Q1O. We have been reexamining these patients for approximately a year, and have verified that the bleeding sites are diminished. The patients claim that they are still doing essentially the same plaque control therapy. The refractory periodontitis patients were placed on a regimen of 120 mg of Q10 twice daily. There was no overnight dramatic change, but we see a gradual improvement in the patients' periodontal health verified at our three-month recall reexamination. The areas that previously bled when probed no longer do so. The patients report that their mouths feel generally healthier.
A typical case history of one of the 16 refractory periodontitis patients who was treated with C0Q1O:

C.G. is a 53-year-old male diagnosed as having periodontitis Complex IVA in 1982. Treatment was a full course of scaling, curettage, occlusal adjustment and osseous surgery to reduce the 5 to 10 mm pockets. The healing was slower than normal. For the next 15 years, the patient had three-month periodontal maintenance recalls. During that time, approximately every six months, he had scattered areas of recurrent breakdown treated with antibiotics and additional surgical procedures. A full medical exam with blood tests and glucose analysis were negative.
One year ago, I told him to try Coenzyme Q10, 120 mg twice daily. He presented at this three-month recall with negligible bleeding; he has had no recurrent bony infections requiring surgery and was able to go a year
without more surgery. Additionally, he reported no leg pains after walk-
ing up a few flights of stairs.
I will continue to prescribe CoQ1O for my patients. Its safety is well- documented. I can only attribute the increased health of the gingiva to better health of the periodontal circulatory system due to the C0Q10,

Dr. Squatrito's expertise and clinical observations have helped us realize that gum disease depends not only on the frequency of our teeth being cleaned, brushed or flossed, but also on the state of our immune system, which can be a reflection of C0Q1O deficiencies. Basically, periodontal disease is a bacterial/inflammatory process compounded by inadequate host defense mechanisms.

Periodontitis begins as an infection at the edge of the gums. Bacterial plaque accumulates in the teeth, resulting in local destruction of the connective tissue adjacent to the teeth. The infection advances into a narrow pocket between the gum and the neck of a tooth. Bacterial antigens penetrate these adjacent tissues, initiating an inflammatory response. Gradually, the inflammation spreads to the root membrane, cement and bone, causing irreversible destruction to the bone.

With erosion of these supporting tissues, the teeth gradually loosen.

Research Findings on Periodontal Disease and CoQ10

Patients with periodontal disease have been reported to have lower levels of Coenzyme Q10 in their gingival tissue' and research has reported clinical improvement after CoQ10 supplementation.

Several studies have demonstrated that the oral administration of CoQ1O to patients with periodontal disease was effective in suppressing inflammatory changes in the gingiva as assessed by gingival index, pocket depth and tooth mobility scores.

In an early study by Wilkinson and colleagues, 18 patients with periodontal disease received 50 mg of CoQ1O per day or placebo in a three-week double-blind trial. Clinical improvement in periodontal scores showed that all eight patients receiving CoQ10 improved, compared to only three of ten receiving the placebo.
6  A subsequent study by Iwamoto and colleagues was conducted at Hiroshima University Hospital over a 12-week period. Fifty-six patients were engaged in the study; their average age was 42. Patients in this double-blind, controlled study received 60 mg of C0Q1O a day in 20 mg divided doses. The mean score of tooth mobility was significantly lower in the ex- perimental group when compared to the placebo group. It was interesting to note that in this study Coenzyme Q 10 alone, without the adjunctive treatments of debridement and scaling, also showed improvement in the clinical aspects of periodontal disease.

How does Coenzyme Q10 support periodontal health? Most of the research in this area, including animal studies, seems to indicate that Q10's supportive effect on the immune system accounts for its ability to heal ailing gums. It is also suspected that oral administration of Coenzyme Q10 may improve oxygen utilization in gingival tissue as well as nurture the cellular membranes in the gums.

Periodontal disease is extremely common, affecting many people to variable degrees. There are detailed case histories of patients on record which have demonstrated that even the most severe cases of periodontal disease showed renewed oral health with CoQ1O supplementation.
7  However, not all the literature is supportive of CoQ1O. One very critical editorials with a partial review of the literature suggests that CoQ1O really has no place in the treatment of periodontal disease. Certainly when more controlled trials are performed and more objective data is collected, a scientific basis for using Q10 in a wide variety of dental diseases could be realized. For now, however, my recommendation is to consider CoQ10 for periodontal disease, especially since in my experience it has helped large numbers of patients.

CoQIO levels fall in many disease situations such as heart disease and periodontal conditions. Actually, falling Q10 levels are part and parcel of the aging process itself. Since periodontal disease affects more elderly people than young people, it is important to consider Coenzyme Q10 as a therapeutic adjuvant in periodontal disease.


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Wishing you extraordinary health,

Cancer Stem Cells Are No Match For A Compound Found In Broccoli



Cancer Stem Cells Are No Match For A Compound Found In Broccoli

May 21, 2010
The evidence continues to accumulate and reveal that the solution to many 21st century diseases may lie in what nature itself has already given us. Researchers have isolated sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli, that is showing promise of becoming a cure for cancer. Both in mice and human cell cultures, sulforaphane kills stem cells that create tumors and cause recurrence.

These findings also parallel what epidemiologists have previously known: populations that eat a plant based diet high in fruits and vegetables like broccoli, have low rates of cancer compared to populations that eat an animal based diet common to our Western diet.

Dr. Max Wicha, MD, director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center said, "This research suggests a potential new treatment that could be combined with other compounds to target breast cancer stem cells. Developing treatments that effectively target the cancer stem cell population is essential for improving outcomes."

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  The Advantages of Having Your Own Garden

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Another little tidbit that's news to me.Always knew to drink a lot of water, but who knew the timing effected things.
  Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the Human body:

   2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs
    1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion

                1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure

                  1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack

Please pass this to the people you care about.......

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slow Or Reverse The Aging Brain – Nurturing Stem Cells Will Do The Trick

Slow Or Reverse The Aging Brain – Nurturing Stem Cells Will Do The Trick

Slow Or Reverse The Aging Brain – Nurturing Stem Cells Will Do The  Trick

The older we get, the more our minds seem to play “hide-n-seek” with us. We begin to experience our first “senior moments” when we are not senior at all – like around our early forties, sometimes earlier still. How often have you forgotten what day it is? Following the calendar was never this difficult only a few years ago. What about doing more than one thing at a time? Multitasking begins to frustrate you rather than save you time. You start doing one thing, then you begin another and while doing that you totally forget what you were doing in the first place!

What does this mean from a health and well being perspective? As far as your health is concerned, you may be just fine. A simple discussion with your physician will tell you that much. From a well being standpoint, you are bothered by these lapses and become aware of how age is creeping up on you. Still, you feel fine physically but it worries you that your brain is showing signs of a quicker decline than the rest of you. This is a natural concern and we can have a closer look at it.

Researchers have investigated the brain and how it ages in comparison to the rest of you and they have found that your diet is quite vital to brain health and can prevent the onslaught of dementia. New studies have implied that the core answer to thwarting changes to the brain linked to advancing age is to supply the brain with enough antioxidants. This blocks the damage done to it courtesy of free radicals which the brain appears to be vulnerable to.

Recently more stirring information has surfaced revealing discoveries of how stem cells have a role to play in acquiring knowledge, solving problems and shaping of memories. These findings have advanced the use of stem cell therapies available for use now that will literally reverse the cerebral aging clock. This information has been made available by the neurobiology research conducted and is neither expensive nor difficult to implement. These are simple, secure tips that are worthy enough to give them a go.

Stem Cell Transplant Treatments

In order to understand the magnitude of these discoveries, one must recognize the prior research conducted with brain stem cell treatments. Serious brain alterations due to illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease have been medically handled in clinical surroundings using transplanted embryonic and fetal stem cells into the brains of patients. Never mind about the myriad of ethical issues this presents, what about the basic concerns with the surgical substitution of brain cells? Obviously brain surgery is an invasive procedure that means there will inevitably be damage to adjacent brain tissue. In addition, the embryonic and fetal cells hold markers in their tissue that signal the immune system to spring into action against them.

Even with the meager immune scrutiny delivered by the brain, only time stands in the way of these unfamiliar cells being noticed and eliminated. There is little astonishment that the achievement rate for these stem cell transplants in subpar, to say the least. Successful results average fifty percent and any optimal outcomes do not last very long. What is even more devastating is the number of these embryonic and fetal cell transplant recipients that eventually develop brain tumors caused by the stem cell substitution.

Cerebral Stem Cells

Astonishing information revealed in the 1990s through neurobiology studies showed that mature brains had their own stem cells, and they were busy making new neurons endlessly in large quantities – thousands daily. Newer research has uncovered that these novel neurons are related to memory and knowledge acquisition. Consequently, the solution to brain restoration rests in motivating the stem cells into growing new neurons. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are diligently on the lookout for growth factors that will enhance brain stem cell activity; however the blood brain barrier is proving troublesome for drug access to the brain. Just now the therapy involves copious intravenous treatments that often come with serious adverse reactions.

Improving Brain Stem Cell Action

There is good news though, involving a rudimentary method of enhancing brain stem cell action by double its normal execution. The answer is to begin a daily physical training regimen. It appears that being a sedentary sofa slouch turns more than your body to mush. This, as opposed to the people who are actively participating in various forms of physical activity and exercise. It is these people who are improving on the amounts of healthy new neurons created in the brain.

Now just for the sake of argument, let’s say you are unable to run the Boston marathon, play a game of hoops or do a half hour of calisthenics to boost neuron levels. There are other ways to reverse the age clock in your brain without exercise. Simple things such as reducing your consumption of alcohol will help since it will discourage the speed and quantity of stem cells divided in the brain. Simply depriving yourself of a couple of beers or glasses of wine from your normal custom will help.

There are dietary supplements on the market that have proven effective. The latest research available displays the beneficial results that certain supplements have for innately invigorating stem cell surrogacy of new neurons when added to your regular diet. At the top of this list would be concentrated blueberry extract, which works in unfamiliar ways to improve the creation of fresh neurons. In addition to this, new investigations into innately occurring amino acids [Carnosine], has displayed a capability to restore cells and augment their life expectancy. Antioxidants with the capacity to traverse the blood brain barrier safeguard your brain cells so they can sustain the life of neurons.

Acquiring Aid From Other Stem Cells For The Brain

There is more at play here than simply brain stem cells. Amazing new scientific investigations have shown that stem cells from other areas of our physiology are likewise known to participate in the development of new neurons within the brain. For instance, bone marrow cells can travel to the brain to grow neurons. This procurement of stem cells from bone marrow has revealed a reaction to a natural dietary supplement of green algae. The conscription of bone marrow stem cells is enhanced by approximately twenty five percent within one hour of ingesting Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a cyanobacterium commonly known as blue green algae.

Preserving Fresh Neurons Within The Brain

Therefore, keeping with the same pattern of thinking, those of us who are athletically inclined with a soft spot for blueberries and blue green algae, should all be members of Mensa, shouldn’t we? It turns out not to be that elementary. It seems that while it is a truism that neurons are associated with acquiring knowledge and our ability to recall, novel neurons might not stick around within the brain for extended periods of time. Upon acquiring the fresh neurons, they must be well maintained or they will rapidly vanish. Keeping these neurons in good shape will not be too much trouble. Just a bit of cerebral aerobics should keep them healthy and available.

To state an overused phrase that fits well here, you need to use them or lose them. Doing the correct mental workout will make a distinct impact. Your brain must be challenged regularly. Tasking the brain to work beyond what it is used to doing; keeping it active and agile is what needs to be efficient.

The following routine will assist in keeping your brain sharp and focused. Keep your body moving through exercise and any form of physical training that gets the blood pumping. Learn a new skill that is mentally challenging such as working with computers or taking an English comprehension class. At the very least try and read more often and set goals for the number of books you will read each month. Take up playing cards with a group of friends but be sure it is a game of skill such as bridge. Anything you can do to utilize your brain beyond what it currently does by default is a good thing.

If you are currently eating a healthy and balanced diet, good for you however, improve it with health supplements that are specifically geared toward improving mental acuity and neuron growth. These days we are fortunate enough to have the Internet available to us for research purposes. There are numerous misleading websites online so stick to the popular medical websites like WebMD and These will provide you with huge amounts of information and additional research can be done at Wikipedia or

Understanding the role antioxidants play in brain health is critical. Knowing which foods and supplements, vitamins and minerals are the most effective for your brain will add to your knowledge base. You already know that blueberries and blue green algae as well as Carnosine supplements will help a lot. There are actual supplements specifically engineered for aiding in the growth of new neurons and they can be purchased online from reputable suppliers or offline in brick and mortar health food stores.

Be sure to get some regular exercise. I do not know what it will take for boomers especially to get up off the duffs and start getting more physical. All the experts agree that exercise will help your body in numerous ways and will keep you alive longer. Now they are claiming the same results with the creation of new neurons in the brain that will keep you sharp as a tack into old age. So why are we so stubborn or lazy when it comes to getting some – any – physical exercise. Particularly when it comes with a certified guarantee that you will have a better quality of life by doing it.

Our life expectancy is rising and with medical science doing its part to keep us above ground for a longer time, it is critical for an aging population to do more to preserve the proper function of our brains into old age. By not doing so, we run the risk of dementia and mental dysfunction in our golden years when life will be more trying for us as a simple fact of life. By taking care of our whole bodies now, we will increase our chances of not only living a fulfilling physical life when we grow elderly, but also a rewarding intellectual one as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Second Huge Stem Cell Breakthrough in a Week

The Second Huge Stem Cell Breakthrough in a Week

Patrick Cox
Patrick Cox
This has been a singularly historic week in the annals of regenerative medicine. First, BioTime (BTIM:AMEX) CEO Dr. Michael West published proof that he can turn any adult cell into a completely rejuvenated stem cell. These induced pluripotent stem cells are as powerful as embryonic stem cells, but with none of the disadvantages. Then, in the same week, equally historic news came from International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO:OTCBB) about its parthenogenic stem cells.

I'll explain the ISCO developments in some detail. A reader, by the way, recently suggested that I write the Stem Cells for Dummies book for those who are confused by this complex field. While this is not a book, it should help those of you who really want to understand the state of this critical science.

As a primer, it's vital that you're up to speed on the four different types of stem cells (SCs):

Adult Autologous SCs - SCs taken from donor bone marrow and fat tissue, cultured and re-administered to the donor for therapeutic purposes. These solve the immune and ethical problem but do not compare in power to the other three types, nor are they "young," meaning maximum telomere length.

Embryonic SCs - These cells are taken from embryos and are therefore ethically objectionable to many people. They have efficacy and they are young but they provoke an immune response.

Induced Pluripotent SCs - These are SCs that are created by genetically engineering normal adult cells to revert to SC status. They have efficacy and they solve the immune problem because they are the donor's own cells. Last week, BioTime proved that they can also be made "young."

Parthenogenic SC - These SCs come from unfertilized oocytes, the cells that, if allowed to develop, would become ovum. They are, by definition, young. They have no ethical problems because they are not embryonic. They solve the immune problem through the creation of ISCO's HLA typed cell bank. Last week, ISCO also announced evidence that they have efficacy.

Once you've got those covered it's equally important to take a look at what each treatment is capable of...

The Stem Cell Sheet

The above chart, and corresponding announcements are simply fantastic news - notably for iPS and hPS. I updated you on BioTime's breakthrough regarding iPS last week in a special alert - but soon after BioTime's announcement there was another huge happening.

Today I want to catch you up on this important news...

Unlike BioTime's breakthrough, which was covered by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other big media, ISCO's breakthrough announcement was, basically, ignored. The reasons are twofold.

First, ISCO may be the most insouciant, understated biotech in business today. Some companies are quick to trumpet their accomplishments. ISCO, on the other hand, is incredibly and systematically low-key in its public statements. Company announcements are often cautious to the point of secretiveness. I'm convinced that the company's stock price would be much higher now if this were not the case.

Secondly, I admit the significance of last week's announcement is particularly well obscured. Therefore, let me read between the lines of this press release.

On the surface, the press release is about the beginning of ISCO's "Second Pre-Clinical Phase of Testing Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) Derived From Human Parthenogenetic Stem Cells for Treatment of Retinal Diseases." So why is this a big deal?

It is a big deal because of one sentence in the press release. "Encouraging data from animal models have shown that visual degradation caused by AMD can be slowed through the transplantation of RPE."

In other words, ISCO has evidence that its nonembryonic parthenogenic RPE cells halt the advance of age-related macular degeneration. These cells prevent blindness just as RPE cells from cadavers and embryonic sources do. In essence, this is the same kind of breakthrough that BioTime just announced, but from a different angle.

Here's how the story played out for BioTime...

Scientists have long known that embryonic stem cells have the ability to repair damaged tissues in animals. Scientists also knew that induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells made from adult cells (not embryos) would have the same ability. This is important because iPS cells don't come with the ethical problems that embryonic cells do. Moreover, because iPS cells can be made using the donors' own cells, they would cause no immune system rejection problems if returned to the donor.

The rejection problem could likely be treated using immune system suppressants, just as is done in the case of organ transplants. Still, immune suppressants have many unwanted side effect. Donor iPS cells would clearly be a superior solution.

Scientists were excited because iPS cells offered the hope that youthful iPS cells could be created using a patient's own cells. Then, you could have as many of your own rejuvenated cells as you needed to fix aged and damaged tissues, all without immune reaction.

The monkey wrench in this vision came when some scientists created iPS cells from donor cells. They found that the effective age of the new stem cells was the same as the donor cells. This was a big potential problem. They believed that iPS heart cells from a 65-year-old donor who had suffered a heart attack would be effectively 65 years old. There would be little point in transplanting old cells into a heart suffering from aging-related illness.

West, however, proved that he can reverse the clock of aging in iPS cells so that the 65-year-old woman with heart disease could use her own iPS cells that are as healthy as a newborn baby's. This is huge.

Basically, ISCO scientists have just proven that they have the same ability vis-a-vis parthenogenic cells.

There has never been any question that hPS cells are young. This is because they are derived from unfertilized ovum, oocytes. Like iPS cells, hPS cells also solve the ethical problems associated with embryonic stem cells. They are not embryonic cells and, unlike iPS, probably can't even be used to create human clones. Moreover, the parthenogenic technology has the promise of solving the rejection problem, as do iPS cells.

Parthenogenic stem cells have only half the DNA of normal cells. They are parthenotes, cells whose double helix of DNA has unzipped in preparation for the possibility of fertilization. ISCO has figured out how to use this feature to "hack" the immune system problem.

The reason is that immune rejection or acceptance is determined by human leukocyte antigen (HLA) matching. This is too complicated a subject to deal with sufficiently here, but you can think of it this way: Acceptance or rejection of a transplant organ or cell depends on the body's reaction to a number of genetic "points," or antigens in the transplanted tissue. With good matching of these points, little or no immune suppression is necessary. If most do not match, there will be massive rejection and even the most aggressive immune suppression may not work.

For simple mathematical reasons, the odds against comprehensive matching of HLA points increase geometrically with each additional point. Therefore, the difficulty of immune matching hPS cells, with half the DNA and HLA points of normal cells, is far, far less than half the difficulty of matching a normal cell.

In fact, it is possible that only 50 hPS cell lines will immune match 95% of the human race. Think of these 50 (or more) cell lines as complex versions of blood types. ISCO is in the process of building a cell bank of hPS cells that could solve the rejection problem, delivering the immune benefits of iPS cells, but from another angle. ISCO has several lines now that each immune match over 15 million Americans. Once gathered, these immortal cell lines never have to be regathered.

Even unmatched, by the way, hPS cells with half the HLA points are probably superior to normal embryonic cell therapies in the immune suppression department. Once this cell bank is constructed, however, ISCO expects to solve most of the same immune rejection problems that iPS cells solve. Additionally, as I've said, they are young cells like BioTime's iPS cells. Only one piece of the puzzle was unverified.

We did not have proof until this last ISCO study was completed that hPSCs actually work. I believed they would. ISCO scientists, obviously, believed they would, but we didn't have clinical evidence. It was an extrapolation of scientific principles.

When making projections, we always make these sorts of assumptions. If ISCO and I had been wrong, however, ISCO would be collapsing and its stock value near zero. And I would be... embarrassed, to put it mildly. So my thanks go to all the scientists at ISCO, especially Dr. Elena Revazova, who made the early parthenogenic breakthroughs in Russia.

Anyway, we now have clinical evidence that hPS cells work in animals, just as embryonic cells and iPS cells do. Increasingly, by the way, it has become obvious that embryonic stem cells are functionally obsolete in the field of regenerative medicine. There has been an unusual amount of resistance to this fact in the scientific press. I'm half-convinced, in fact, that a lot of journalists are still vested in discrediting President Bush's insistence that a superior solution to embryonic stem cells could be found.

Embryonic stem cells work fine, of course, for actual human reproduction. I personally hope they never become obsolete there. iPS and hPS cells, however, are the superior platforms for most therapeutic uses.

The iPS platform may always be the most attractive high-end stem cell (SC) strategy, but ISCO's hPS cell therapies will have important advantages in many cases. For instance, let's say you have an accident and need SC treatment immediately for spinal cord or organ injuries. Unless you have already had your cells transformed into iPS cells and potentiated to become all the types you are likely to need in emergencies, your only real option would be hPS cell therapy.

ISCO's platform will also have a cost advantage. ISCO's ability to mass-produce and store off-the-shelf treatments, stem cells programmed to cure specific conditions without immune rejection, guarantees the company a huge market niche. Induced pluripotent SC technologies will likely keep the high-end clinical market, but hPS cells will likely be the Wal-Mart of SC therapies. While not as glamorous as the high end, Wal-Mart has made early investors rich. ISCO's advantages should do the same thing.

For example, consider the RPE cells ISCO is bringing to market. These cells are based on 10 years of research, primarily at Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC: OTCBB). Ten years ago, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) looked like the perfect target for eSC therapies.

It is known that RPE cells from cadavers can stop or reverse AMD. The cost of gathering enough cadaver cells for one patient, however, runs from $10,000-15,000. Moreover, there are simply not enough cadaver cells for a fraction of the 2.5 million Americans with the disease. ACT estimates the worth of the market for replacement RPE at $2.5 billion. ISCO's chairman Ken Aldrich, in keeping with his aforementioned restraint, says $1 billion.

Retinas, unlike corneas, are rich with capillaries. This means immune reaction is a particularly serious issue. When ISCO gets to market in two or three years, I project it should have most or all of the cell lines it needs to deal with immune rejection. Moreover, it has taken the technology a step further. Whereas ACT proposes therapy with RPE cells, ISCO is growing them in a matrix that can be applied surgically. My prediction is that these matrices will not only stop AMD, they will reverse it. If ISCO had a theme song, it would probably be Irving Berlin's "Anything You Can Do."

We'll see, of course, but all that's left to prove ISCO as a transformational stock for the ages is human trials. They could be completed in as little as two years.

Patrick Cox
for The Daily Reckoning

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Real Foods Are Your Best Bet to Prevent Disease



Real Foods Are Your Best Bet to Prevent Disease

March 12, 2010

Research continues to gather evidence that many of the 'big diseases' like cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease are preventable. What's the secret? It's inexpensive and is as easy as running to the grocery store.

Real, whole foods, high in antioxidants are deservedly getting a lot of press in the fight against life threatening chronic illnesses.

Scientists believe that a common cause of many chronic diseases is the destruction of DNA by free radicals. Iron and copper ions play a significant role in the formation of these free radicals and are being studied at Clemson University by chemist Julia Brumaghim and her team.

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Decades Of Research Prove Light Smoking Kills

Decades Of Research Prove Light Smoking Kills

Americans Are Choosing Less Healthy Lifestyles

Americans Are Choosing Less Healthy Lifestyles

Weight Gain Starts in the Brain

Weight Gain Starts in the Brain


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health and Freedom: at stake now, more than ever before

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell "The Only Answer to Cancer"
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McCain/Harkin Fake Food and Supplement "Safety" Bills
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US Congress: The Greatest Threat To Your Health and Freedom...

If you value your health, your freedom, or both, we need to remind you to express your vigorous opposition to the food fascism bills being passed off as fake food "safety" bills pending in the US Senate. There are two of them, and they are cleverly linked: S. 501 from Sen. Harkin's committee will criminalize the production of safe, local food, including from your own garden, if it is chemical free, organic, and therfore non-Codex compliant.

We have been warning that this was coming for several years. We wish we had been wrong. Its dastardly companion bill, S.3002, from Sen. McCain will give the FDA what it has sought for 15 years: the legal ability to destroy your access to high potency supplements. It is bills like these which, when enacted into law, have given the FDA, USDA, EPA and other government agencies the power they are so rampantly abusing to our collective detriment and to the detriment of health AND freedom. Read about them, and take action below, once for each member of your family:


Thanks! Now send this Action item to every person you can reach asking them to take action and then pass it on in the same way. After all, everyone eats so this is everyone's battle. We're making this issue "go viral": that's how we turn "Push Back" into "Take Down!"

Urgently Important Health Freedom Action eAlert Action Items -

Health Freedom Movement turning "Push Back" into "Take Down" - And Natural Solutions Foundation is Leading the Way, As Always

We are pleased to report that a number of health freedom groups who are, generally, so fragmented and ineffective that they trip all over each other, are once again taking their cue from our Action Items and offering a Citizens Petition for Health Freedom. We say: "Good for them! And Good for us all!" We believe that the Globalist agenda must die the "death of the thousand cuts" and that every opposition to it is one of those cuts. Therefore, in addtiion to taking our Food and Supplement Freedom Action Item,

and our urgent call to Ban ALL GMOs immediately,

Please also take this new Action Item to sign the Health Revolution Petition, created by other members of the Health Freedom world as they followed our lead once again. The more voices, the bigger the swell -

You may remember our Open Letters to other folks in the Health Freedom Movement and the absolutely underwhelming response they received. This time, however, it would appear that things may have shifted for the better. We hope to see, and bring you, many more such good followership items from other Health Freedom activists! Let this be a major sea change!

The Natural Solutions Foundation firmly believes that the more we work together, the easier it will be to move from Push Back to Take Down on issue after issue! This petition is a moderately good recounting of the health freedom issues. While not exhaustive, there are a number issues enumerated here which we have brought to you previously in what we believe to be effective tactics for real change.

We don't all agree on all the items in the list, but the activists who drafted it are mostly good people and mostly allies, so we are happy to seek additional signatures to the Health Revolution Petition. While a laundry list of items of this sort may not bring about administrative, legislative or judicial changes as our far more targeted Action Items can and do, it will serve as notice to TPTB (the powers that be). For that reason, we suggest that you sign this petition to serve yet another notice that we care - deeply - about these issues.

Featured Videos

To understand Monsanto and the threat that it, and its Food "Safety" Bill S. 510 pose to you, and why you must take the Action Item opposing it and pass it along so many, many others can do the same, you need to watch this video about the impact of Agent Orange all these decades after the Vietnamese War,

and then recall that according to Monsanto, its newest version of Roundup© is comprised of 70% Agent Orange. Sprayed on food, washed into the water and digested in our bodies, what do you think the result will be on you and yours?

If you need a reminder of why Sen. McCain's S. 3002 is such a good ploy to get nutrient restrictions matching Codex into the US, watch this video

and recall that these Nutrient Reference Values are supposed to tell consumers what they need of a particular nutrient on labels first and then they will become the maximum permissible upper level. How low are they? Low enough to mandate under nutrition which guarantees increased chronic, deadly degenerative diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity just as we have been warning was the next step since 2005.

But just exactly what is Codex? How does it work and what are its vulnerabilities? Watch "Rome Codex Deconstruction"

Brain in a whirl? Does it feel like it is all too much? Is age taking a toll on your memory or that of someone you care about?

You must watch Gen Bert and Dr Rima on "Cognitive Enhancement"

Then try these amazing products. I personally KNOW how amazing they are. You may find that you are amazed after trying them.

And, last, but certainly not least, here is the news that you have been waiting for: The exceptional 2010 Health Freedom War Council is now available for download. If you have already paid to attend this webinar, you will be getting your link in just a few days! If you do not want to miss out on this exceptional opportunity, click below, donate $99 and we will send the link to you shortly:

NEW: Dr. Rima Network:

Why should you care? Because the manifest dangers of conventional medicine, already known to kill hundreds of thousands of people each year WHEN USED PROPERLY are getting worse. Not only are vaccines increasingly dangerous, everything that conventional medicine does - or touches - is getting more dangerous.

Consider this article :

This level of incompetence and deadly carelessness is by no means rare. One has to wonder if it is, in fact, an accident at all.

Now consider that half of the drugs cleared for public sale by the FDA are quietly removed from the market (or greatly restricted) in 5 years or less because of their dangerous and deadly effects. Hundreds of people die each month (!) from Avianda alone, for example,

Now consider, too, the fact that the profits in these wildly dangerous drugs are astronomical. Then consider the fact that their proven potential to generate sales for other drugs once the first drug has been taken (quite an effective business market, as the spread sheets demonstrate) is directly threatened by

1. Natural health options
2. Clean unadulterated food
3. Health Freedom to allow people to reject allopathic solutions to real or imagined problems and use natural ones instead.

Senator McCain's bill, S. 3002, now being justified as "merely to protect against athletes doping" and downplayed as "not likely to get out of committee" is a direct Big Pharma ploy to make sure the supplements you depend upon are taken away from you. This bill is a "stalking horse" for the equally bad "food safety" bill S 510 that your Push Back had stalled in committee. Watch for one or the other to be amended to include the worst provisions of the other and then pushed for a vote.

Will this happen? Not if we continue to Push Back!

If our outrage and vocal response as the Health Freedom netroots keeps these bills in committee, congratulations to us. It may return yet again, from yet another Congressional prostitute... and we will keep pushing it back! Yes, it is, of course, likely that the McCain bill is merely a stalking horse, a diversion, if you will, to allow Sen. Harkin's horrific "Food Safety" [NOT!] Bill to be amended to "satisfy" McCain's interests.

And We Certainly Will Not Let That Happen

It would appear that we have pushed McCain's S. 3002 back into the cesspool from which it emerged through push back. Now let's take down its big brother, S 510. Please click the link below and take action once for each member of your family, then send the Action Item out to your entire list and let them know that their ability to access clean, unadulterated food ends if this "other safety" bill passes.

And, while we are on the subject of clean, unadulterated food, I have two things more to share with you: Genetically Modified Foods, which the FDA approves just, well, just BECAUSE, have no meaningful examination of safety data prior to allowing a patented seed or animal into your food supply. The USDA, headed by Secretary Vilsik, a former Monsanto Executive, exercises no control or restriction over these "foods" whatsoever.

Bayer Crop Sciences' pharmaceutical rice has contaminated the entire Southeastern US rice growers' livelihood. GMO alfalfa will certainly contaminate all alfalfa in the US now that the shamefully inadequate USDA sham environmental impact study has been released by that corporate-controlled agency.

Organic cows eat organic alfalfa (the fifth largest crop in the US) so there may well be no more organic beef or milk production in North America by the time these perennial plants distribute their patented DNA over the North American Continent through the work of wind, bees, birds and animals.

Not OK with you? It's not OK with the Natural Solutions Foundation, either. GMOs of every kind must be stopped and stopped now while we still have a chance of protecting our entire biosphere - including you and your cells, along with your kids and grandkids' cells, as well.

Click the link below NOW to ban all GMOs now and set up a strong scientific agency to determine just how bad the damage has been and what we can do to fix it - right now the answers to both of those questions are totally unknown.

And one more thing: The Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project,, is all about reclaiming the production of clean, unadulterated food on a global basis. We chose Panama for a multitude of reasons, including its political stability, its social stability and its financial stability. There is a wide spread interest in clean, unadulterated food here, among both the English speaking and the Spanish speaking communities. The diversity of growing eco niches and micro climates means that the growing conditions of most of the world are represented here, making farm classrooms meaningful for teaching farmers from all over the world how to grow food without dangerous chemicals. For example, take our Valley of the Moon Coffee. Please. Once you do, you will be brew yourself a cup of what coffee experts are telling us is the finest coffee they have ever tasted, free from GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other "cides". Shouldn't health freedom have its own Friendly Food Certified Coffee, friendly to the workers, the environment and you, the consumer? We think so! And shouldn't you know about it, drink it and give it as a special gift?

Is Your IRA Safe from US Government Confiscation? Certainly NOT!

But there is another reason for talking about the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project right now. And that is money. You see, the US Government has announced that it is accepting comments on taking your IRA and 401 retirement funds and converting them to fixed income annuities with a 3% yield "guaranteed" by the failing, flailing US Treasury. Middle-class Americans' last asset base [since the equity in our homes is gone] will be raided like the Social Security "Trust Fund" has been raided... to fund more government waste!

The Natural Solutions Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Panama Natural Solutions Foundation, is a legitimate offshore investment vehicle for those funds (and any others you might want to have offshore, such as personal funds, trust funds, family investment funds, church or other nonprofit funds). Offshore investment is an option which will not, we believe, be available much longer now that the US economy has been gutted and the last pool of what passes for real money, your retirement funds, is about to be stolen out of your future.

In addition to producing Health Freedom's Own Coffee, the wonderful, smooth and delightful Valley of the Moon Coffee, we are also entering the process of generating our own BeyondOrganic, BioDynamic food for our use and for the use of our customers here in Panama and elsewhere. We are nearing completion of our Natural Solutions Center (with its wellness and seminar programs): we'll let you know about our Grand Opening Celebration and our Seminar Schedule as soon as we have firm dates!

Meanwhile, I can tell you that I feel much better having invested my own IRA offshore in a project with such a strong future.

If you are interested in any of our many types of participation in changing the face of food and freedom around the world, and living in a sustainable community with like minded people, you are invited to check out - and contact us at with VOTM as your subject line.

Oh, yes, one other thing: we are getting ready for the next Codex meeting. The Codex Committee on Food Labeling takes place from May 3-7, 2010 in Ottawa, Canada. If you want us there, you need to send us there.

$630 per person, Economy Class for 3 people = $1890
Accommodations: $ 1509.79 US (simple bed and breakfast 8 blocks from meeting - we walk)
Food: $75.00 per person for 3 persons, does not include hosting delegates for meals $1500
Incidentals like printing (documents we give to delegates, for example) not included

So we are asking you, through recurring small or large donations, to send us to Codex for you. By the way, if you want to come along, you are welcome! Just let us know and we will fill you in on what, when and where.

Can we afford that? Collectively, yes, we can.

Can we afford NOT to afford that? Collectively, no we can not.

Click here to make your donation to make sure that your eyes and ears are at this important Codex meeting.

You'll have a video report each day, and our written reports as well.

There are nearly 300,000 people on this list. The math of activism is pretty simple.

Without your activism we are threatened with the loss of many of our traditional remedies, and certainly all of the advanced modalities being developed outside the Big Pharma world. Take for example the traditional cleansing and detox modality known as "ear candling" - FDA now says ear candles are medical devices. We kid you not. Here is the language from a letter received two days ago by the three leading ear candle companies:

"Under section 201(h) of the Act, the ... ear candle is a device because it is inte
nded for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or is intended to affect the structure or function of the body, 21 U.S.C. 321(h)... [because you intend to] "mitigate or treat allergies, headaches, colds, flu, sinus congestion, sore throat, ear infections, swollen glands, sinus infections, balance and equilibrium, migraines and vertigo..."

Will FDA get away with turning ear candles into medical devices? Not if we can help it!

And Here are Important 'Dr Rima Recommends' Messages

We are developing a new network, just to bring you the best of Dr Rima Recommends, - we'll feature various outstanding items from our selection of unique and important products. And every purchase supports YOUR health freedom. and pages, too.

Remember, the EPA and FDA are, in a separate action, trying to take nano and colloidal silver off the market, just as the European Food Supplements Directive has succeeded in doing there as of January 1, 2010. Silver is an illegal substance in Europe.

Why? Because silver is the universal antibiotic and would destroy a vast pharmaceutical market if enough people knew about it. After investigation, I personally recommend the Silver Biotics nano silver available at:

Cognitive Enhancement?
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Yes, General Bert and I continue experiencing extraordinary results with our Cognitive Enhancement Pack (me) and Senior Cognitive Enhancement Pack (Gen. Bert) which are literally astonishing. or

I know supplementation and neurological enhancement very, very well. I have never seen (or experienced) anything like this. You know how busy we are; how much we rely on our ability to multitask and react quickly to challenges...

The name says it all: COGNITIVE. ENHANCEMENT.

That's the story, in two words.

Here are the other two words to the story: Try Them!

Dr. Rima's Cognitive Enhancement Packs:

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Support your health and your health freedom at the same time with Valley of the Moon Coffee, or

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Check out our Dr. Rima Reports Archives,

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Fred van Liew: Health Freedom and Health Freedom Foes Archives: Click on "The Dr. Rima Reports"

The Dr. Rima Reports brings you information on the issues we must respond to, battles we must win, victories we must achieve.

And remember, please try to attend the

American Rally for Personal Rights: Vaccine Choice, Parental Consent - May 26, 2010, Chicago

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
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