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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slow Or Reverse The Aging Brain – Nurturing Stem Cells Will Do The Trick

Slow Or Reverse The Aging Brain – Nurturing Stem Cells Will Do The Trick

Slow Or Reverse The Aging Brain – Nurturing Stem Cells Will Do The  Trick

The older we get, the more our minds seem to play “hide-n-seek” with us. We begin to experience our first “senior moments” when we are not senior at all – like around our early forties, sometimes earlier still. How often have you forgotten what day it is? Following the calendar was never this difficult only a few years ago. What about doing more than one thing at a time? Multitasking begins to frustrate you rather than save you time. You start doing one thing, then you begin another and while doing that you totally forget what you were doing in the first place!

What does this mean from a health and well being perspective? As far as your health is concerned, you may be just fine. A simple discussion with your physician will tell you that much. From a well being standpoint, you are bothered by these lapses and become aware of how age is creeping up on you. Still, you feel fine physically but it worries you that your brain is showing signs of a quicker decline than the rest of you. This is a natural concern and we can have a closer look at it.

Researchers have investigated the brain and how it ages in comparison to the rest of you and they have found that your diet is quite vital to brain health and can prevent the onslaught of dementia. New studies have implied that the core answer to thwarting changes to the brain linked to advancing age is to supply the brain with enough antioxidants. This blocks the damage done to it courtesy of free radicals which the brain appears to be vulnerable to.

Recently more stirring information has surfaced revealing discoveries of how stem cells have a role to play in acquiring knowledge, solving problems and shaping of memories. These findings have advanced the use of stem cell therapies available for use now that will literally reverse the cerebral aging clock. This information has been made available by the neurobiology research conducted and is neither expensive nor difficult to implement. These are simple, secure tips that are worthy enough to give them a go.

Stem Cell Transplant Treatments

In order to understand the magnitude of these discoveries, one must recognize the prior research conducted with brain stem cell treatments. Serious brain alterations due to illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease have been medically handled in clinical surroundings using transplanted embryonic and fetal stem cells into the brains of patients. Never mind about the myriad of ethical issues this presents, what about the basic concerns with the surgical substitution of brain cells? Obviously brain surgery is an invasive procedure that means there will inevitably be damage to adjacent brain tissue. In addition, the embryonic and fetal cells hold markers in their tissue that signal the immune system to spring into action against them.

Even with the meager immune scrutiny delivered by the brain, only time stands in the way of these unfamiliar cells being noticed and eliminated. There is little astonishment that the achievement rate for these stem cell transplants in subpar, to say the least. Successful results average fifty percent and any optimal outcomes do not last very long. What is even more devastating is the number of these embryonic and fetal cell transplant recipients that eventually develop brain tumors caused by the stem cell substitution.

Cerebral Stem Cells

Astonishing information revealed in the 1990s through neurobiology studies showed that mature brains had their own stem cells, and they were busy making new neurons endlessly in large quantities – thousands daily. Newer research has uncovered that these novel neurons are related to memory and knowledge acquisition. Consequently, the solution to brain restoration rests in motivating the stem cells into growing new neurons. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are diligently on the lookout for growth factors that will enhance brain stem cell activity; however the blood brain barrier is proving troublesome for drug access to the brain. Just now the therapy involves copious intravenous treatments that often come with serious adverse reactions.

Improving Brain Stem Cell Action

There is good news though, involving a rudimentary method of enhancing brain stem cell action by double its normal execution. The answer is to begin a daily physical training regimen. It appears that being a sedentary sofa slouch turns more than your body to mush. This, as opposed to the people who are actively participating in various forms of physical activity and exercise. It is these people who are improving on the amounts of healthy new neurons created in the brain.

Now just for the sake of argument, let’s say you are unable to run the Boston marathon, play a game of hoops or do a half hour of calisthenics to boost neuron levels. There are other ways to reverse the age clock in your brain without exercise. Simple things such as reducing your consumption of alcohol will help since it will discourage the speed and quantity of stem cells divided in the brain. Simply depriving yourself of a couple of beers or glasses of wine from your normal custom will help.

There are dietary supplements on the market that have proven effective. The latest research available displays the beneficial results that certain supplements have for innately invigorating stem cell surrogacy of new neurons when added to your regular diet. At the top of this list would be concentrated blueberry extract, which works in unfamiliar ways to improve the creation of fresh neurons. In addition to this, new investigations into innately occurring amino acids [Carnosine], has displayed a capability to restore cells and augment their life expectancy. Antioxidants with the capacity to traverse the blood brain barrier safeguard your brain cells so they can sustain the life of neurons.

Acquiring Aid From Other Stem Cells For The Brain

There is more at play here than simply brain stem cells. Amazing new scientific investigations have shown that stem cells from other areas of our physiology are likewise known to participate in the development of new neurons within the brain. For instance, bone marrow cells can travel to the brain to grow neurons. This procurement of stem cells from bone marrow has revealed a reaction to a natural dietary supplement of green algae. The conscription of bone marrow stem cells is enhanced by approximately twenty five percent within one hour of ingesting Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a cyanobacterium commonly known as blue green algae.

Preserving Fresh Neurons Within The Brain

Therefore, keeping with the same pattern of thinking, those of us who are athletically inclined with a soft spot for blueberries and blue green algae, should all be members of Mensa, shouldn’t we? It turns out not to be that elementary. It seems that while it is a truism that neurons are associated with acquiring knowledge and our ability to recall, novel neurons might not stick around within the brain for extended periods of time. Upon acquiring the fresh neurons, they must be well maintained or they will rapidly vanish. Keeping these neurons in good shape will not be too much trouble. Just a bit of cerebral aerobics should keep them healthy and available.

To state an overused phrase that fits well here, you need to use them or lose them. Doing the correct mental workout will make a distinct impact. Your brain must be challenged regularly. Tasking the brain to work beyond what it is used to doing; keeping it active and agile is what needs to be efficient.

The following routine will assist in keeping your brain sharp and focused. Keep your body moving through exercise and any form of physical training that gets the blood pumping. Learn a new skill that is mentally challenging such as working with computers or taking an English comprehension class. At the very least try and read more often and set goals for the number of books you will read each month. Take up playing cards with a group of friends but be sure it is a game of skill such as bridge. Anything you can do to utilize your brain beyond what it currently does by default is a good thing.

If you are currently eating a healthy and balanced diet, good for you however, improve it with health supplements that are specifically geared toward improving mental acuity and neuron growth. These days we are fortunate enough to have the Internet available to us for research purposes. There are numerous misleading websites online so stick to the popular medical websites like WebMD and These will provide you with huge amounts of information and additional research can be done at Wikipedia or

Understanding the role antioxidants play in brain health is critical. Knowing which foods and supplements, vitamins and minerals are the most effective for your brain will add to your knowledge base. You already know that blueberries and blue green algae as well as Carnosine supplements will help a lot. There are actual supplements specifically engineered for aiding in the growth of new neurons and they can be purchased online from reputable suppliers or offline in brick and mortar health food stores.

Be sure to get some regular exercise. I do not know what it will take for boomers especially to get up off the duffs and start getting more physical. All the experts agree that exercise will help your body in numerous ways and will keep you alive longer. Now they are claiming the same results with the creation of new neurons in the brain that will keep you sharp as a tack into old age. So why are we so stubborn or lazy when it comes to getting some – any – physical exercise. Particularly when it comes with a certified guarantee that you will have a better quality of life by doing it.

Our life expectancy is rising and with medical science doing its part to keep us above ground for a longer time, it is critical for an aging population to do more to preserve the proper function of our brains into old age. By not doing so, we run the risk of dementia and mental dysfunction in our golden years when life will be more trying for us as a simple fact of life. By taking care of our whole bodies now, we will increase our chances of not only living a fulfilling physical life when we grow elderly, but also a rewarding intellectual one as well.